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Stop Completely

Respect & Responsibility – Safety at Intersections Judging by the number of sources we found while writing this article, cyclist’s behavior at intersections is a pertinent topic of conversation around the world. We’ve linked to a number short articles that are way more interesting than you might initially guess and have important and enjoyable information. […]


Around town this week you have probably noticed some new paint! But what do these symbols mean, what are they called.. and why should we care?  A description of the symbols and their function follows and as cyclists, motorists and community members in Jackson- understanding bike infrastructure is paramount to changing the transportation paradigm. New […]

Share the Trail

Recently, Friends of Pathways received a few questions about how to share the trail with horses.  We thought it was a great opportunity to get a little perspective from the Back Country Horsemen on horse behavior and sharing the trails.  Thanks to the BCH for giving us a glimpse into the horse’s mind. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS […]

Ride Dirt, Not Mud

Help keep the trails riding well for you and others by not riding through mud or muddy spots. Riding on mud wrecks the tread on the trail by leaving ruts that dry into hard bumps.  This in turn, contributes to erosion and creates unridable, hard to fix trail surfaces.  If you are leaving a visible […]

Friends of Pathways supports Teton County Commissioners Action on GTNP Moose-Wilson Road

Over the last several weeks, Grand Teton National Park staff have been proposing to local stakeholder groups, including Friends of Pathways, their vision for the Moose-Wilson Road corridor. GTNP’s plans for the road include developing portions of the road into one-way north vehicle traffic only. GTNP staff also indicated that construction of a separated non-motorized […]