START Bike Operations Manager

Friends of Pathways is looking for an Operations Manager to oversee the Town of Jackson’s bike share service. START Bike is a publicly owned transportation service managed by the Town of Jackson. Under a contract with the town, Friends of Pathways will provide staff and other resources for the initial season of operation. Friends of Pathways is looking for an individual to facilitate this contract. The job is scheduled to begin mid-March 2018 and end on or near October 31, 2018. The position could lead to a permanent, year-round job.

Job Description

This multi-talented individual will be the public face for START Bike and will have the final responsibility for daily operations of the system. They will be accountable for the appearance and condition of the bikes and stations, organizing the bike-share workshop area including the purchase of repair parts and supplies, and the provision of outstanding customer service in the field, by telephone and through e-mail.

They will spend most of the day in the field, utilizing an electric pedal assist cargo bike and trailer to move bikes to and from stations, including the START Barn where the workshop will be located. They will be equipped with a mobile phone and digital tablet with access to a START Bike database to help answer customer inquiries about billing, account sign-ups, payment and START Bike functionality.

Prospective candidates must possess computer skills, enjoy interacting with the public, have basic bicycle repair and maintenance skills, and be able to accomplish tasks independently. The ideal candidate will be energetic, goal oriented, and self-motivated.


  • Develop and implement a program to optimally rebalance the system (move bikes from stations so bikes are well-distributed);
  • Develop and implement a program to keep the bikes clean and in good repair (annual overhauls, bi-monthly field checks, and minor adjustments as needed);
  • Develop and implement a program to keep the stations clean;
  • Order and inventory repair parts and supplies;
  • Track and report on bike electronic errors, mechanical problems, and customer comments that could be used to improve operations;
  • Be the key point of contact for customer questions and requests for information.
  • Update START Bike Facebook page with fun and helpful anecdotes.


  • Ability to structure time to reach project goals and deadlines;
  • Ability to understand the technical nature of the software, hardware and needs of a bike sharing system;
  • Ability to learn new computer software;
  • Ability to innovate and refine job task and methods as needed;
  • Basic mechanical aptitude needed to learn how to keep bicycles in good working order;
  • Willingness to have a flexible work schedule as condition require;
  • Ability to stoop, reach and lift in excess of 50 pounds;
  • Enjoy riding a bike for a living!

The position pays $23-$25/ hour, depending on qualifications and benefits.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Nancy Weeks, at on or before February 15, 2018.