Promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole.

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Jackson Hole will be a place where trails and pathways are central to our vibrant and healthy community. These networks will be interconnected, convenient, enjoyable and the most desirable means of travel. Residents and visitors will have the choice to access the natural world, places of business and healthy recreation options without the need for a car. Friends of Pathways will be a positive force toward achieving this vision.



One of the most innovative fundraisers in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run is also one of the most successful. In 2021, the event raised $19,722,220 from 4,158 donors. Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $208 million philanthropic dollars to our community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching our lives through the arts, and yes – building pathways and trails..

Old Bill’s Fun Run exemplifies the very best of Jackson Hole. In this marathon of generosity lies the opportunity for meaningful contribution, for altruism amplified by the kindness of others, and for the singular drive to make a difference.

Old Bill’s 2022 Giving Season: August 12-September 16

Run Day: September 10, 2022 at Jackson Elementary School Fields on Willow Street (new location!)

Connecting Our Community to the Lands They Love

Friends of Pathways supports a vibrant community by promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole.

The Hub Bicycles 9th Annual Jackson Hole Community Bike Swap is this Saturday, May 15, from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Snow King Sports and Event Center.

Bicycle Drop-Off is Friday, May 14, from 12 p.m.-7 p.m.

The Swap will start promptly on Saturday, May 15, at 10:30 a.m. Early Bird Entry at 10:30 a.m. costs $10 with Free Entry beginning at 11 a.m.

This event is open to all kinds of bikes – town cruisers, kids’ bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and everything in between. All that is asked is that bikes are in working order. The cost to sell bikes is $10 for kids’ bikes and $25 for adult bikes. No Swap Day drop-offs will be accepted. Entry fees and 15 percent of sales will be donated to Friends of Pathways and Teton FreeRiders.

The event will be held outside of the Snow King Ice Arena. Masks will be required. Credit Cards only; no cash or check will be accepted. Sellers looking for guidance pricing their bikes should visit bicyclebluebook.com.

Jackson Hole’s Community Bike Swap has raised a total of $50,000 for Friends of Pathways and Teton FreeRiders while helping grow the sport of cycling in the Teton Region by getting more butts on bikes.


2021 Bike Swap Raffle

Enter to win a Marin Alcatraz Dirt Jump Bike! Retail price $1,400.

This bike was generously donated by The Hub Bicycles. All raffle proceeds will benefit Friends of Pathways and Teton FreeRiders.

Trail Maintenance Request

Thanks for letting us know about downed trees or other trail areas that need maintenance. Our trail crew maintains 130 miles of front country trails in the Cache Creek, Munger Mountain and Teton Pass areas.

“I walk the pathways nearly every day. My world would be a lot smaller and darker without our pathways!”

– Carol Bowers