Friends of Pathways is the community advocate for a complete pathways system, partnering with government agencies for construction support and ongoing education and encouragement programs. Over 53 miles of pathways have been completed in Teton County with an additional 16 miles in Grand Teton National Park. We’re working diligently with local government to help complete the remaining “missing links” of our pathway system proposed by the 2007 Pathways Master Plan. Visit us here to keep up-to-date on these current projects.

S 89 Pathway

As part of the south highway 89 widening project, the adjacent pathway will be extended, from Game Creek (where it ends now) to the Swinging Bridge. A new tunnel will connect to Game Creek and then head south on the east side of the highway. The new pathway segment will also provide a safe route to the new Munger school for students in the area, including a tunnel near the school access road.

Snow King Ave

While Snow King Avenue is a very popular route for bikes, there are still many community members that do not feel comfortable riding along it because of the close proximity to moving vehicles and an awkward intersection at Maple and Scott Lane. FOP and the Town have engaged engineering and design firm, Mobycon, to develop a Dutch type of solution to make this critical travel way more inviting. This summer a pilot project will be conducted to demonstrate the design.

Jackson Alley Project

This project will make May Park more accessible to nearby neighborhoods by bridging Cache Creek Ditch and improving the alley on the western edge of the park with a safe and inviting walk/bike route.

Garaman Pathway Flooding Mitigation Project

Every winter, water from Flat Creek floods the Garaman pathway and fills the Flat Creek Tunnel, creating a frozen, treacherous experience for those wishing to walk or bike in this area. Often these conditions make it impossible for school children to use the pathway to get to Colter Elementary or Jackson Hole Middle and High Schools. This summer, the sections of pathways subject to flooding will be raised above traditional flood levels and a small wall will be constructed to help keep water out of the tunnel.

West Broadway Cycletracks

With the completion of the Budge Drive Stabilization Project, the cycletracks on the north side of Broadway will be completed, so cyclists will no longer have to veer from their protected route onto the highway.

Streets | Bike Share

START Bike is a program of START Bus. A full bike share system will be launched in the spring of 2018 with 55 bikes and 17 stations.


Friends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to collaborate on design, construction and stewardship of local trails for all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. We’re committed to providing easy year round access to trails that are essential to maintaining our high quality of life in Jackson Hole.

Youth Trail Crew

Friends of Pathways employs a youth trail crew to work side-by-side with Bridger-Teton Trail Crew staff to improve our close-to-home trail system.

Read more about the Youth Trail Crew >

Teton Pass Bridge Project

The goal of the Teton Pass Bridge Project is to replace 8 bridges that have been significantly damaged and construct 8 additional bridges at troublesome creek crossings and bog areas.

Last year, unusually wet and heavy snow caused bridges to bend and break, leaving large cracks through the bridge supports. In the spring, quickly warming temperatures created a large amount of runoff that flowed over the bridges causing even more damage. Runoff also eroded the banks around bridgeless creek crossings, which led to the formation of steep drop-offs and muddy bogs as trail users repeatedly walked or biked into the water to get across.


Friends of Pathways outreach programs focus on respectful and responsible use of our incredible pathways, streets, and trails.  We reach youth through our integrated cycling education programs, iWalk, iBike, iBus to School Days, and by partnering with local community events.  Our Adult Outreach programs encourage increased use of alternative transportation and respectful, responsible actions while on pathways, streets and trails.


Friends of Pathways advocates for winter grooming and plowing and partners with Teton County and the Bridger-Teton to teach responsible use on Teton Pass, the pathways, and at trailheads.

Documents & Resources

Y Intersection Concepts (1/4/17)

This memo provides suggestions for improving the current WYDOT design for the Y-Intersection to better serve pedestrians and bicyclists.

JH Complete Streets Plan

The pathways improve my life because I can bike to school with my friends. By biking, I can see my friends and spend time with them.

– Hayden Poduska (Poduska Family)


Trail Conditions for 6-29-18

This week crews finished up 2 bridges on the History Trail, cleared History, Wilson, West Game, Blacks, worked with volunteers to move lumber to bridge sites, and got trained with Wildflower Watch and Nature Mapping JH.  We had 2 awesome volunteer groups from the Teton Science School and from the Teton Trail Runners who helped us move over 3000 pounds of lumber a mile up the trail to our next bridge sites.  We certainly couldn’t do all the projects on the forest each summer without help from amazing volunteers like them!  The crews also became trained for our Citizen Science project with Wildflower Watch, Nature Mapping JH and the BTNF.  This summer they will help record plant, animal, and recreation data in Cache Creek as part of an ongoing study there.  They also cleared a few dozen trees off of the upper reaches of trail on Pass Ridge.  The next spot to hit will be the Skyline Trail on Monday!  We are excited to get up there after it opens up on Sunday and we hope you go up for an adventure as well!