Memorial Bench Program

Friends of Pathways is proud to facilitate the Memorial Bench Program. The program exists to provide a special means of honoring and remembering loved ones by having a memorial bench installed along Jackson Hole’s world class pathway system.

The first step in the process is to contact Friends of Pathways and speak to the Pathways Stewardship Director, Mike Piker. He will be able to guide the process from start to finish.

General information:

1. The total cost of each memorial bench is $7,500.00. This sum includes building materials, construction, installation, a personalized plaque, and 10 years of maintenance.

2. The proposed bench location shall be discussed with the donor and the
Pathways Stewardship Director. This will likely require a meeting in the field
to determine the exact proposed location.

3. Once a location is determined, Friends of Pathways will coordinate with the Teton County Pathways Director to verify that the location does not interfere with plowing, grooming or future county projects.

4. Each memorial bench is constructed once payment is received and the location is accepted by all parties (Donor, FOP & TCPD).

5. The bench installation process includes locating existing utilities, excavation, pouring concrete footers, and final bench mounting. In addition, topsoil is typically added to provide a finished look.

6. Subsequent bench maintenance is for 10 years and includes minor repairs, weed trimming and staining/painting when required.