Friends of Pathways has signed an operating agreement with the Town of Jackson to help manage the operations of the Bike Share Program. To learn more or sign up, visit


START Bike is a program of START Bus. A full system will be launched in the spring of 2018 with 55 bikes and 17 stations.

In the Spring of 2016, Energy Conservation Works unanimously approved a motion to recommend that the Town of Jackson moved forward with the Bike Share program using SPET funding for 47% of the capital costs, securing matching funds from other sources.


Friends of Pathways has been working since 2010 to bring a permanent bike sharing system to downtown Jackson Hole. In 2011, Friends of Pathways and Alta Planning & Design developed a feasibility study for Bike Share. The study showed that the program would work, but bike lane improvements would greatly increase ridership. As a result, a Bicycle Improvement Plan was developed, adopted and implemented by the Town of Jackson.

After multiple improvements, such as bike lanes, formal bike routes and signs, Friends of Pathways conducted a three-week long demonstration of a bike share in 2016. 891 trips were taken for a total of 2,119 miles by 392 people.

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Trail Conditions for 7-27-18

The crew has had a whirlwind couple of weeks out on the trails.  They finished four bridges in Black Canyon and one in Phillip’s Canyon with the help of Carney Logan and Burke Architects who had 30 volunteers haul lumber and rocks to finish the bridge just this morning.  The style of bridge we are building assembles quickly but the slow part is hauling all the lumber miles into the forest to the bridge sites and then getting rocks, gravel, and dirt for the approaches.  Anyone interested in what we call “trail crew crossfit” should come out with us one day.  The crew also cleared Phillip’s Pass and Ski Lake, brush cut Putt Putt and Hagen, and cleaned all the drains on those trails.  We also had help from Lillard Flyfishing who brush cut the Kelly’s and lower Josie’s Ridge loop which was getting overgrown in places.  We are still working with Wildflower Watch and Nature Mapping JH to monitor plants, animals, and trail use in Cache Creek each week to look at long term trends.  Next week look for the crew working with more volunteers on bridges on the History Trail and West Game.  ps they like taking a funny picture after finishing each bridge so feel free to suggest something for the next one.