The WY22 Pathway was the primary missing link in the Town of Jackson/Teton County Pathways system and the top priority for the Jackson Hole Community Pathways program. In 2008, voters approved $6 million in Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) funding for the project and in 2012 they approved the final $3.4 million, specifically to include “the acquisition of land and/or easements, and for the cost of planning, engineering, and construction of a pathway from the Stilson Transit Center at the intersection of Hwy 390 and Hwy 22 to the “Y” intersection of Hwy 22 and Hwy 189 (Broadway). Construction of Path22 began in 2014 with the Snake River Bridge. In 2015, the pathway connected the bridge to Indian Trails. The final stretch will complete the link from Indian Trails to Spring Gulch Intersection.

Read weeekly updates about the project on Teton County’s Website or check the Path22 facebook page.

 Hot off the Pathways Press – Exciting News for the entire community. 

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Friends of Pathways Announces Evolved Mission Statement Based in Founding Principals and Broadened to Support New Efforts


Jackson, WY – Friends of Pathways announces an evolution of its mission statement. This new directive, “supporting a vibrant community by promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole,” reflects growing community priorities for decreasing traffic congestion and augmenting modes of healthy and planet-friendly travel.


Whether enjoying the community pathways system, a trail up Cache Creek, or a Start Bus, FOP wants to make it easier for people to enjoy life in Jackson Hole without the daily need for a car. Central to the enhanced mission rests a priority to help community and elected officials realize their goals of decreasing traffic congestion by implementing innovative solutions for transit and active transportation.


“The mission statement addendum comes at an exciting time for Friends of Pathways. With the imminent completion of Path22 and other milestones that have contributed to a sustainable trails and pathways network, it’s a good time to take the foundations of the organization to the next level” offers Executive Director Katherine Dowson. “Our new mission still encompasses trails and pathways while recognizing the important role that sustainable transportation and healthy recreation play in our community and quality of life,” notes Dowson.


This summer, Friends of Pathways will pursue its mission with the Commuter Choice Challenge, Skyline Trail construction and other trail projects, and work to develop a permanent Bike Share program. “As Jackson Hole continues to grow and prosper, it is essential to continually assess success, keep momentum and answer the call to promoting vibrancy, health and sustainability” notes Board President Greg Epstein. FOP has long-asked residents to ‘Be Today’s Solution,’ by making choices that encourage a healthy community and environment. Sustainable transportation, or more specifically, modes of travel that increase mobility while decreasing impacts on roads, wildlife, and citizens, are a part of that solution and will continue to play a pivotal role in Jackson’s character and future.


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Friends of Pathways supports a vibrant community by promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole. For more information on Friends of Pathways, visits 



PRINTABLE RELEASE: FOP Mission Press Release

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 Teton County Parks and Recreation and Jackson Hole Community Pathways are hosting an Open House on winter maintenance (plowing and grooming) on trails, pathways and sidewalks.

255 W Deloney

The Open House will:

  • Educate the public about winter maintenance goals, options and current practice
  • Collect public input and feedback on system usage and maintenance
  • Help develop recommendations for winter maintenance and budgeting

The program will include a brief presentation on current winter maintenance at 5:30, followed by a Q&A session and public discussion of grooming, plowing of Teton County pathways, trails, and sidewalks. Participants will also be invited to fill out a survey and offer comments on how they would like pathways, trails, and sidewalks maintained during the winter.

The Open House will be held at the 4H Building at 255 W. Deloney starting at 5PM on Wednesday, March 23rd

RSVP Here:

On Tuesday January 5th, Teton County Engineering Staff will present a plan to plow the pathway from Emily’s Pond to Indian Trails using private donations specified for that purpose.

During the summer of 2015, this section of path22 was completed, but funding for winter maintenance was not approved in the budget at this time. Engineering staff was instructed that if private funding sources could be found, the Board would consider plowing Path 22 for the season. Private funding has been secured to plow this section of pathway.

There have been several requests from local residents to plow this section of pathway as it provides access for people walking or cycling (fat bikes) from Emily Steven’s Park, Skyline Ranch subdivision, Teton Science Schools and connects users on the West Bank to the Town of Jackson. There is a significant safety concern posed by users riding and running along the highway shoulder during the winter.

PLEASE email your Commissioners TODAY to let them know you support making Path22 available to walkers, runners & fat bikers this winter.

Hundreds joined us to celebrate the opening of Path22. In particular, we thank Senator John Barrasso and Liza Bercovici who traveled many miles to attend and speak about the importance of pathways for safety and public health. Commissioner Mark Newcomb, Brian Schilling and Tim Young also spoke about the value of pathways, and in particular, the importance of the Path22 middle section completion.

Many thanks to our event sponsors, Jedediah’s and Snake River Brewing for the delicious lunch, and Chris and Erich Wilbrecht at Sotheby’s, Canvas Unlimited and High County Linen for their generous support.

Finish-work, including grading, landscaping and sign installation will continue on the pathway for the next few weeks; please be aware and careful of equipment while riding or walking.


THANK YOU for the bridge!

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Senator Barasso


This week, Teton County engineers released the initial design plans for Path22 Middle Section from Iron Rock to existing pathways at Indian trails.

It’s is important that you take time this busy weekend to review the plans and provide comments to Teton County Commissioners by July 6th or attend Monday, July 7th meeting at 9am at the County Commissioner Chambers.

Friends of Pathways fully supports the preferred county alignment which prioritizes safety for the greatest number of users and cost effectiveness. We request that the Commissioners adopt and approve the preferred alignment this Monday, July 7th, so that construction on this critical missing link can begin as early as this fall.

The suggested alignment includes a pathway in the road easement on the north side of Highway 22 from Emily’s Pond to the Skyline Ranch neighborhood, an underpass to Skyline Ranch, and a a pathway on the south side of Highway 22 from Skyline Ranch to connect to the existing pathways in Indian Trails.  It also includes spurs connecting to Skyline Ranch and Bar Y neighborhoods.

Review Plans Here:
July 7_Middle Section_Proposed Engineering Plan

Work continues on the Path 22 project with construction crews making significant progress on the bridge over the Snake River and the WY390 underpass, and design work starting on the Middle segment between Emily’s Pond and the Teton Science School campus.

Bridge construction crews were forced to suspend in-river work due to high water, but will stay busy assembling formwork and installing more than 65,000 pounds of rebar for the concrete bridge deck, as well as working on the abutments on both river banks. Once river flows drop down below 10,000 cfs crews will pour the bridge deck, install the guardrail, and complete the abutment and approach work. The post-high water work is expected to take 6-10 weeks.
The construction of the WY390 underpass is proceeding quickly. The contractor successfully completed installation of the west half of the 80-foot long concrete box last week and has excavated the area for the east side of the underpass this week. Installation of the remaining underpass segments is expected to occur late next week, with final project completion of the underpass scheduled for late June.

Also currently underway is planning and design work on the Middle Segment of Path 22. Preliminary plans for the section heading east from Iron Rock Road and connecting to the existing pathway along WY22 near the Teton Science School campus will be ready for staff review next week, and construction is expected to start this fall.
Work on phase one of the East Segment from Spring Gulch Road to the Y and along West Broadway is continuing as well. Crews have focused work at the numerous access driveways along West Broadway and WY22 and on the intersection at the Y and Spring Gulch Road prior to the onset of the heavy summer traffic. Spring Gulch Road intersection is expected to be repaved and substantially completed by the end of next week, which will ease turning movements onto Spring Gulch Road.

Brian Schilling, Jackson Hole Community Pathways coordinator
commented, “We are thrilled to see the bridge taking shape as we continue work on the other segments of the pathway. And with the recent approval from the elected boards to proceed with the Middle Segment, we are making good progress with each of the segments and, in a relatively short time, our community will have a completed multimodal connection between the Town of Jackson and Teton Village. We are excited to see the community’s vision coming to fruition, and we appreciate the community’s patience and understanding of the inconveniences during the construction process.”

Brian Schilling, Pathways Coordinator for Town of Jackson/Teton County stated, ‘several pathway projects reached major milestones this week.  The Snake River Bridge landed on the far side of the river, construction began on the WY390 underpass and construction resumed on the West Broadway segment following the planned winter shutdown.”

Visit the Path22 facebook page for up-to-date information and incredible images of the progress on the bridge.

Your SPET tax dollars from past votes continue to be put to work as the new pathway bridge over the Snake River continues to make good, steady progress!

As you travel between the Westbank and Town this spring, you have probably seen that the substructure concrete is now 100% complete – with the 3rd, final, westernmost pier now poured, the next set of 3 of the final 6 girders are being installed over the next several days with the first one placed yesterday! County representatives and the design/construction team anticipate that the installation of all steel girders should be complete within then next two weeks.

Stop by Emily’s pond for a walk or pedal, or pull up at the boat launch on the west bank for safe and fun crane activity viewing over the next few weeks, and remember to keep your eyes on the road while crossing the bridge!

If you have been wondering about the timeline for completion of the pathway bridge over the Snake River, you are not alone! FOP has been fielding many calls about this project and here is the latest:

  • As of Tuesday, the contractor for the Snake River pathway bridge had successfully positioned the first two steel girders into place on the east abutment. Weather permitting, they plan to continue working towards Pier 3 (the easternmost pier) in the upcoming days. In other words, the bridge has begun to look like a bridge!
  • The contractor is targeting final completion of the project in mid-summer 2014

Read a more detailed press release here