On Tuesday January 5th, Teton County Engineering Staff will present a plan to plow the pathway from Emily’s Pond to Indian Trails using private donations specified for that purpose.

During the summer of 2015, this section of path22 was completed, but funding for winter maintenance was not approved in the budget at this time. Engineering staff was instructed that if private funding sources could be found, the Board would consider plowing Path 22 for the season. Private funding has been secured to plow this section of pathway.

There have been several requests from local residents to plow this section of pathway as it provides access for people walking or cycling (fat bikes) from Emily Steven’s Park, Skyline Ranch subdivision, Teton Science Schools and connects users on the West Bank to the Town of Jackson. There is a significant safety concern posed by users riding and running along the highway shoulder during the winter.

PLEASE email your Commissioners TODAY to let them know you support making Path22 available to walkers, runners & fat bikers this winter.