Hundreds joined us to celebrate the opening of Path22. In particular, we thank Senator John Barrasso and Liza Bercovici who traveled many miles to attend and speak about the importance of pathways for safety and public health. Commissioner Mark Newcomb, Brian Schilling and Tim Young also spoke about the value of pathways, and in particular, the importance of the Path22 middle section completion.

Many thanks to our event sponsors, Jedediah’s and Snake River Brewing for the delicious lunch, and Chris and Erich Wilbrecht at Sotheby’s, Canvas Unlimited and High County Linen for their generous support.

Finish-work, including grading, landscaping and sign installation will continue on the pathway for the next few weeks; please be aware and careful of equipment while riding or walking.


THANK YOU for the bridge!

Ribbon Cutting 2


Senator Barasso