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Trail Conditions for 6-25-21

This week crews worked on a variety of projects.  We installed a new feature at the Blair Dr. Bike Skills Park, we sprayed musk thistle in Game Creek, we prepped the OPR pad for the new toilet, we fixed barriers on Phillip’s Ridge and History Trail, we updated signs near the Crater Lake junction, we […]


Trail Conditions for 6-18-21

Crews were busy this week clearing trees and cleaning drainage around the system.  We hit Black Canyon on Monday which has only a few small snow drifts left near the top of Mt. Elly.  We covered Wilson Canyon and West Game to get them in shape for the Cache Creek race and then got up […]


Trail Conditions for 6-11-21

Its been a busy week on Teton Pass.  The crews cleared Arrow, Snotel, the Ridge, Ski Lake, and upper History.  There were lots of big trees down from heavy snow and winds over the winter.  Almost all of the trails are dry with a few lingering snow drifts.  We will continue to work on upper […]


Trail Conditions for 6-4-21

Teton Pass is drying out and crews have been clearing trees this week.  We got Phillip’s Canyon up to the Phillip’Pass junction and the Ridge Trail up to rock world.  The ridgelines and shaded trees are still holding drifts so if you are intrepid you can posthole your way through.  We also worked on prepping […]


Trail Conditions for 5-28-21

Finally some sunshine!  Snow King and Munger are in great shape after the rains and the trails on Teton Pass are drying out quickly.  Crews cleared up Black Canyon to the snow line, and hit Big Rocks, Crater, and lower History.  The lower reaches of Phillip’s Canyon and the Ridge trail are also dry along […]


Trail Conditions for 5-21-21

The trails in the Snow King and Munger Systems are 99% dry with only a few lingering snow drift on windy ridges.  Crews have cleared both systems for downed trees and have started to clear on Teton Pass.  The Teton Pass trails are melting out and are usable from the lower trailheads.  Crews cleared up […]


Trail Conditions for 5-1-21

Spring is here and there are dry trails!  The Winter Wildlife Closures open today offering lots of options to explore Wilson Canyon, Josie’s Ridge, and Crystal Butte.  The usual Putt Putt and Sidewalk loop to the Wiggle is 99% dry with intermittent snow patches further up Cache and on the shaded Hagen side.  Game Creek […]

How Do Local Candidates Feel About Pathways?

Fall is in the air and that means Election Day is coming up. We want you to get out and exercise your right to vote! Before you make that important decision, we thought you might want to know the candidates’ positions on pathways and making walking and biking a preferred mode of travel in Jackson. Kudos […]