Trail Conditions for 6-9-23


The crew had another busy week.  We worked our way up Game and West Game focusing on brushing, drainage, and weeds.  We cleared lower Blacks, Big Rocks, Crater, and lower History and are headed out to the pass bash on Saturday to get some free shuttle rides to chainsaw and clear the Arrow, Snotel, Ridge loop.  We worked up Phillip’s Canyon and the lower Ridge trail and started work on the OPR Loops at the bottom of Black Canyon.  We also finished touching up the Sink or Swim reroute that 50 hearty volunteers helped us start last Saturday.  The trails on the pass are mostly dry with snow still lingering on the way to Mt. Elly, the upper parts of Ski Lake, and the north facing parts of the Ridge and Arrow trails.  Heads up there will be closures on lower Phillip’s Canyon and the Ridge trail next week as fire crews continue work on the thinning project in that area.