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Come be part of an 8 member crew working on a number of projects on the Bridger-Teton National Forest this summer.  As a crew member you will help complete a variety of manual tasks including restoration and maintenance of trails, new trail lay-out and construction, and the closure and rehab of old trails.  The job […]

Jay has been working hard to keep Teton Pass open for the past six weeks, even through the shutdown that considers him “nonessential staff.” If you believe Jay is an essential part of Teton Pass, consider chipping in to help Jay cover expenses. Give a gift through Friends of Pathways and we’ll make sure Jay […]


Trail Conditions for 7-27-18

The crew has had a whirlwind couple of weeks out on the trails.  They finished four bridges in Black Canyon and one in Phillip’s Canyon with the help of Carney Logan and Burke Architects who had 30 volunteers haul lumber and rocks to finish the bridge just this morning.  The style of bridge we are […]


Trail Conditions for 6-29-18

This week crews finished up 2 bridges on the History Trail, cleared History, Wilson, West Game, Blacks, worked with volunteers to move lumber to bridge sites, and got trained with Wildflower Watch and Nature Mapping JH.  We had 2 awesome volunteer groups from the Teton Science School and from the Teton Trail Runners who helped […]


Trail Conditions for 6-22-18

The front country trails are in prime summer shape right now!  Teton Pass has only a few lingering snow drifts which are quickly melting and the rain this week has kept the dust down and the trails in great shape.  The Youth Trail Crew started this week and had a fun first day clearing drains […]


Trail Conditions for 6-15-18

A few cool days slowed the snow melt on Teton Pass but the trails continue to dry out.  I saw a few brave souls who had pushed out through the ~3 feet of snow on Pass Ridge and descended Black Canyon and Lithium.  Ski Lake is quite doable to the lake with snow remaining above.  […]


Trail Conditions for 6-8-18

Thanks to everybody who came out to help on National Trails Day last Saturday!  We got a big head start on the bridge project on Teton Pass, moved ~8,000 pounds of lumber, rerouted a wet section of the History trail, cleaned all the water bars on Big Rocks, and finished the first bridge on Big […]


Trail Conditions for 5-18-18

Trails are continuing to dry out in the front country.  The Munger Mountain Trails are in good shape with only a few wet spots from spring seeps.  The Trail Crew did a pass on Poison Creek and Wally’s World and will hit Rock Creek, Squaw Creek, and Tusky Ridge next week.  On the pass the […]