Trail Conditions for 5-22-20


Trails were melting out quickly with temps in the 70’s earlier this week but will be slick and muddy with the wet weather lingering through Saturday.  The lower parts of some trails on Teton Pass are snow free and are being cleared by the USFS and FOP crews this week and next week.  On Snow King most trails are dry with lingering snow on the north side of the Ferrins and Cache/Game saddles, and within the Snow King Ski Area.  There are also lingering wet and muddy spots in the 5 way meadows of Wilson, Leeks, and West Game as well as towards the end of the Hagen trail.  Munger is good to go and the bike parks at Blair Dr. are also ready, including the new Totem Track just to the north of the community gardens.  Hopefully this will help spread out the crowds and give the youngest users their own space.  Have fun this weekend and try to stay off of the trails while the rain lingers, maybe aim for Sunday afternoon or Monday for your adventures!

Remember to check out the MBT report below for some more dry trails in Teton Valley.