After a snowy week we finally got some sunshine today and have a few more trails open and dry that were in the winter wildlife closure zones that opened up on Wednesday.  Crystal Lite and Crystal Butte are both good options in the sun as are the first parts of Putt Putt and the Sidewalk.  A volunteer group from the Community School helped to break up some of the snow drifts on those trails this morning to help them dry out a little faster.  In west Jackson, lower Josies, Kellys, Lindas, KC, Champa, and parts of Sink or Swim are dry as well.  Further south the lower parts of Adams, Wilson, and Game Creek are also dry.  If you are exploring and come to a snow drift walk over it on the trail and please don’t short cut and create a trail around it.  The trail is also typically muddy to the down hill of the drifts so please walk and push your bike along the edge of these muddy sections.  Have a fun weekend!