There are a few more dry trails but with 10 days of rain in the forecast be responsible when choosing to go out.  The rule I like to follow is wait for the roads to dry in town before venturing out onto trails to avoid damaging them while its too muddy.  That being said the north side of the Cache Creek drainage is pretty good to go with a few snow patches hiding on the end of Putt Putt.  Additionally you can get up the Hagen Highway and across Sink or Swim with only about 100 feet of snow on the ski area.  Munger Mountain is also close, the crew cleared all the trails there and cleaned drainage features on Monday.  There are only a few snow drifts left there on Wally World and Tusky Ridge.  Watch for the crew working on some more steps on lower Josie’s Ridge doing some more clearing up Game and West Game next week.