The trails around Snow King are slowly starting to melt out with the recent warm weather.  As usual the beginning of Putt Putt and the Sidewalk trail have dried out first along with the Nelson Knoll loop and lower Woods Canyon.  The trails between the Winter Wildlife Closure and Snow King’s ski runs are also dry and make for a good loop accessed from Rodeo or Pine Dr.  Game Creek is also a good option to explore until you hit snow or mud.  Many of the shaded trails on the Hagen side can still be good if used early in the morning if it freezes overnight.  Please use good judgment and don’t use the trails if you are leaving deep footprints, hoof prints, or tire ruts in the mud.  Those damages to the trail surface continue to hold water from spring runoff and rain, and will remain muddy spots throughout the year.  Remember the Winter Wildlife closures (in purple) are still in effect until Tuesday May 1st.  After that the lower portions of Josie’s Ridge and Crystal Butte will be good options to explore.  Have a great sunny weekend!