So the record February snows set trail season back a bit this year.  The only things that are dry on the national forest at the moment are the Nelson Knoll Loop, and the first mile or so of Game Creek.  In some of the shadier areas you can hike and post-hole on snow but please try to avoid using muddy sections of trail as this causes trail damage and drainage problems for the rest of the summer.  Other trail options include the singletrack that parallels the pathway from Game Creek to South Park Loop road and the pump park and singletrack by Blair Dr.  When using the pump park please by considerate of nearby neighbors by staying in the park and keeping the noise level down.  All of the pathways are dry and open and the inner park road is plowed and open to non-motorized use through May 1.  Also remember the winter wildlife closures are still in effect until May 1 but the good news is that means Josie’s Ridge opens up on Wednesday next week!