Got a case of the Mondays? Here’s a little social planning to lift the spirits – and with the drink-aspect of the Teton Food Tour- we’re talking about lifting said ‘spirit’ in more ways than one. Did someone say Snake River Beer?

The Teton Food Tour is an annual pedal-powered, food-focused event bringing the best of local bites to the six-mile stretch between the wider-Wilson area (kicking off at the R Park) traveling all the way to Teton Village and the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The entire event technically takes place over several hours 1 pm to 5 pm to be exact, yet depending on how you bike, it can be as speedy or lengthy as you plan.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect on August 21 from start to finish including a “how-to” of suggestions for getting the most bang for your belly and buck.

TIPS: How-To’s, Do’s & Don’ts (in somewhat, or no, chronological order): 

DO: Get Started Early. Those who choose to show up on-time will be the first to take a bite out of everything but bare in mind that if you get there too early – to Bodega- for instance- the 5th of 6th stops- the fast bikers may find that they’re sitting and waiting.

DON’T: Finish the tour too early. Remember, we value taking it sloooooow, this is co-sponsored by Slow Food of the Tetons after all. Some of the food, the kind that melts- is worth waiting for and won’t even be available until after 3 pm in Teton Village.

HOW TO: Make the most of the day-into-evening? There’s a party going on in Teton Village Sunday, August 21st too, so plan ahead. After visiting The Local Butcher at Spackman & Associates in Wilson, stopping at The Aspens Market and lingering at the spectacular stage that is Shooting Star/Snake River Ranch with Moe’s, and before blowing it out at Bodega with bites of Fine Dining Restaurant Groups latest brainchild – baby Fried Chicken Sandwiches anyone?- allow for two added treats courtesy of Teton Village Association that could take care of you for the rest of the night. The 6th and final stop above the Commons is serving up little ice cream sandwiches followed by a rocking concert – one of the last in a summer series.

DO: Buy your ticket in advance online. There may not be any left day of!

How To SKIP all this reading and get to the goods? For the best Sunday ever-ride your bike from the R-Park to Teton Village between 1-4 pm- post up and continue to sample from 4-5, dance it all off at Concert on the Commons to the tunes of The Fruit Bats and Stormy Georjan and the Watters.