We are working to finish the last 2 miles of the Skyline Trail.  We are working downhill towards the Game Creek Trail narrowing the wide bench that the trail machine built to support itself.  This involves pulling down the backslope to prevent erosion, slightly outsloping the tread and making it 18 inches wide, and raking away the excess dirt on the downhill edge to allow snow and water to drain off the trail and to allow any vegetation covered up to regrow more quickly.  Crews will be working throughout the fall and into next spring to complete this project.


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Here’s a little glance at just some of the ways Friends of Pathways has committed to supporting a vibrant community –

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Promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole. Thank you for making an Old Bill’s Donation to Friends of Pathways via Old Bills!

Howdy Strangers- Yonder is what a weekend in Jackson Hole can look like thanks to the efforts of our organization.

It’s easy to celebrate the weekend and in this case, the holiday weekend,  in good health and sustainable style The FOP WAY. It’s truly as simple as taking a walk, to safely riding your bike through Grand Teton National Park or hitting the steeps of Josie’s Ridge Tail and riding magnificent Munger on the mountain bike.

Next weekend, we’ll be on the historic Town Square with the rest of our non-profit cohorts posted up and accepting your support at the 2016 OLD BILL’S FUN RUN.

While pursuing these snapshots of the FOP Way- which really promoting a way of life, thanks for considering the impact it may have on your regular day-to-day doings as well as the larger scape of how our organization works to maintain a high quality of life here in Jackson Hole.

FOP cultivates quality of live and moves the needle forward via a highly connected, comprehensive and efficient pathway system that integrates well with START Bus public transportation and takes that approach to even higher levels in the maintenance of over 130 miles of trails in the Bridger-Teton National Forrest.

If you feel at all indebted -as we do- thank you for making a contribution go even further than it can the rest of the year by donating to FOP at Old Bills Fun Run 2016. Have a happy, fun and safe holiday weekend in this beautiful valley!











Got a case of the Mondays? Here’s a little social planning to lift the spirits – and with the drink-aspect of the Teton Food Tour- we’re talking about lifting said ‘spirit’ in more ways than one. Did someone say Snake River Beer?

The Teton Food Tour is an annual pedal-powered, food-focused event bringing the best of local bites to the six-mile stretch between the wider-Wilson area (kicking off at the R Park) traveling all the way to Teton Village and the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The entire event technically takes place over several hours 1 pm to 5 pm to be exact, yet depending on how you bike, it can be as speedy or lengthy as you plan.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect on August 21 from start to finish including a “how-to” of suggestions for getting the most bang for your belly and buck.

TIPS: How-To’s, Do’s & Don’ts (in somewhat, or no, chronological order): 

DO: Get Started Early. Those who choose to show up on-time will be the first to take a bite out of everything but bare in mind that if you get there too early – to Bodega- for instance- the 5th of 6th stops- the fast bikers may find that they’re sitting and waiting.

DON’T: Finish the tour too early. Remember, we value taking it sloooooow, this is co-sponsored by Slow Food of the Tetons after all. Some of the food, the kind that melts- is worth waiting for and won’t even be available until after 3 pm in Teton Village.

HOW TO: Make the most of the day-into-evening? There’s a party going on in Teton Village Sunday, August 21st too, so plan ahead. After visiting The Local Butcher at Spackman & Associates in Wilson, stopping at The Aspens Market and lingering at the spectacular stage that is Shooting Star/Snake River Ranch with Moe’s, and before blowing it out at Bodega with bites of Fine Dining Restaurant Groups latest brainchild – baby Fried Chicken Sandwiches anyone?- allow for two added treats courtesy of Teton Village Association that could take care of you for the rest of the night. The 6th and final stop above the Commons is serving up little ice cream sandwiches followed by a rocking concert – one of the last in a summer series.

DO: Buy your ticket in advance online. There may not be any left day of!

How To SKIP all this reading and get to the goods? For the best Sunday ever-ride your bike from the R-Park to Teton Village between 1-4 pm- post up and continue to sample from 4-5, dance it all off at Concert on the Commons to the tunes of The Fruit Bats and Stormy Georjan and the Watters.





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Burley Burley Trailer- for the Burley biker who wants to bring the family (or fur family) along for the ride!
Dakine Backpacks, Duffle Bag, Messenger Bag- So you can travel to work, the trails, or the ends of the earth in style.
GoPro Hero 4 – Because there is a hero in all of us and don’t you want everyone to know about it?
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Skyline Camelbak – Hydrate and bring all the tools you need for a day on the trails all in one pack.
JH Center for the Arts 2 Center Presents Tickets- Take advantage of one of the many jewels in Jackson Hole’s crown…live music, theater, dance, and speakers in a gorgeous space.
Mountainsmith Cavern Backpack – Urban sensibility, Modern accessibility. Ride your bike to work or school with this modern satchel. Fit your laptop, tablet, cell phone and notes all in an easy access pack.
Patagonia Dirt Craft Shorts for Men and Women- Bike shorts that will add comfort, style, and durability to your ride.
Patagonia Dirt Craft Jackets for Men and Women- Lightweight, water repellent softshell with stretch and durability.
Patagonia Houdini Jackets for Men and Women- Versatile, lightweight, and easy to pack shell…perfect for trail runners, hikers and bikers alike. When in Jackson, always be prepared!
Patagonia Trucker Hats- Stay cool whether you’re in the shade or not.
Scott USA Helmets, Pads and Sunnies-
Scott USA Nino Schurter signed World Mountain Bike Tour jersey
Snow King Resort 125 Lift Passes- $2125 Value: Shred the King
Snow King Resort 4 Big King Passes- $500 value: the Town Hill that puts all the others to shame.
Snow King Resort King’s Grill Gift Card- sample family friendly fare at the base of the Rafferty Lift
Teton Pines Two Rounds of Golf- FORE!
Turpin Meadow Ranch 3-Course Tasting Menu for 2 (alcohol not included)- a feast for the eyes and soul. See what’s cooking at one of the valley’s best kept secrets!
Yakima x 2 HoldUp Hitch Racks – Easily transport your bikes from house to trail….and bring a friend!

BUY TICKETS TO THE TGR’s unReal at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts || RAFFLE Tickets Available at The Hub



CELEBRATE BIKE TO WORK DAY WITH FRIENDS OF PATHWAYS JACKSON HOLE – TODAY, MAY 31 2016 :: Free coffee and goodies courtesy of Cowboy Coffee and Lucky’s Jackson Hole today meant that the worker bees were out biking to their business and warming up with a free hot drink during their morning commute. Both locations saw a good turnout of the commuter biker community in downtown JH (by Cowboy Coffee) as well as off of Highway 89 at the Plaza surrounding Luck’s. This year, the Teton County Library crew showed up as a ‘special guest’ of sorts to spread the love of two great things – bikes and books. Their snappy, convenient and crafty mobile book shelf can pack 300 lbs of books and will be out and about this summer.

The Bike to Work concept  is a way-of-life for loads of people, not just a one-off day motivated by mochas. Posting up at both locales today reveals the growing culture of commuter cyclists in Jackson Hole. Now that the pathways connecting East and West Banks of Jackson are near-complete, the notion of ditching the car for transportation is suddenly increasingly tangible and dare we say, chic.

As Jackson Hole continues to embrace alternative modes of transportation, making it more habitual and possibly a norm, smart outfits – from book bikes to beautiful women peddling to work in ‘corporate’ Jackson Hole — will inevitably be making a more regular appearance. Stay tuned for how Friends of Pathways plans to celebrate the spirit of bike commuting by capturing the everyday beauty of the people of Jackson Hole doing something as regular as just biking to work.

As for the rest of this week, there’s lots of opportunities to scope out and join in everyday bike and alternative transportation life in Jackson Hole. Running May 30- June 2 Bike Week In Jackson Hole Includes:

  • Bike to Work Day | Tuesday, May 31st 7:00 am – 10:00 am Cowboy Coffee & Lucky’s Market for free Coffee
  • JUNE 1 | iWalk, iBike, iBus to School at all Jackson Schools
  • June 2 | And Every Following thursday of June (-30th) PIMP MY RIDE from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm | Join the Art Association to restructure bike parts into objects to dress up your bike or useful objects for the home.
  • National Trails Day | Saturday June 4th, 9 am – 1pm | Celebrate National Trials Day by helping to improve one of your favorite trail heads at Nelson Drive. Bagels, coffee, and lunch will be provided. Thank You Pearl Street Bagels & Smiths!
  • Check back and thanks to our additional sponsors : Hoback Sports and Snake River Brewing 


5-27-16 Trail Conditions-01

With 3 days of sunshine predicted the trails should dry out from all of this rain and be in great shape for Memorial Day weekend.  Teton Pass is melting out slowly but surely and most of the Freeride trails are good to go.  If you’re looking for a hike go check out the new steps on Josie’s Ridge that the crew installed this week.  Have a great holiday weekend!

5-13-16 Trail Conditions-01

Snow King and Munger Mountain trails are dried out and cleared of trees!  The crew removed 61 trees this week and gives Munger and Snow King the official open for the season with only a few small snow patches left on Ferrin’s and Game Creek that should melt out over the weekend.  They also cleared the Big Rocks loop and Crater and found it easily passable with only a few small snow patches.  Get out and enjoy the weekend!

With unpredictable avalanche danger this year, our Teton Pass Ambassador asks all of us to spread the word about avoiding highlighted areas on Teton Pass.

Over the holidays, two user-related incidents resulted in dangerous conditions. On December 23rd, an avalanche buried two snow mobilers and on Christmas Eve, an avalanche was triggered on Twin Slides that trapped three cars and blocked a lane of traffic.

Linda Merigliano, Bridger-Teton Recreation, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager, reminded users that “more incidents like this could result in a much worst outcome for motorists or create pressure to close the Twin Slides run to skiing and boarding, similar to the Mt. Rogers area in Canada… this incident is a graphic reminder that access to skiing on Mt. Glory is dependent on skiers/boarders excercising responsibility and consideration for other people.” Teton Gravity Research

Additionally, the Pass Ambassador asks that backcountry users remember five keys for backcountry safety this year:

  • Carpool and park tight
  • Take care of your pets
  • Work with the Enforcement Agencies
  • Ride with respect and humility
  • Spread the word

Pistono said. “The core local group, whether we feel like we’re role models or not, in terms of how we use things up here, we kind of are. So much of your actions send out the message.” Pistono urges the frequent users to speak up when they see someone not obeying etiquette or entering into unsafe practices. “Find your voice,” he said. “It might be awkward at times to talk to people, but especially if it’s a safety-related issue, communicate to those who don’t know better.” Jackson Hole News and Guide