Howdy Strangers- Yonder is what a weekend in Jackson Hole can look like thanks to the efforts of our organization.

It’s easy to celebrate the weekend and in this case, the holiday weekend,  in good health and sustainable style The FOP WAY. It’s truly as simple as taking a walk, to safely riding your bike through Grand Teton National Park or hitting the steeps of Josie’s Ridge Tail and riding magnificent Munger on the mountain bike.

Next weekend, we’ll be on the historic Town Square with the rest of our non-profit cohorts posted up and accepting your support at the 2016 OLD BILL’S FUN RUN.

While pursuing these snapshots of the FOP Way- which really promoting a way of life, thanks for considering the impact it may have on your regular day-to-day doings as well as the larger scape of how our organization works to maintain a high quality of life here in Jackson Hole.

FOP cultivates quality of live and moves the needle forward via a highly connected, comprehensive and efficient pathway system that integrates well with START Bus public transportation and takes that approach to even higher levels in the maintenance of over 130 miles of trails in the Bridger-Teton National Forrest.

If you feel at all indebted -as we do- thank you for making a contribution go even further than it can the rest of the year by donating to FOP at Old Bills Fun Run 2016. Have a happy, fun and safe holiday weekend in this beautiful valley!