Cache Creek Road Closed Until Further Notice

Conditions at Cache Creek have become increasingly icy and difficult to manage. The road was closed over the weekend, but vehicles did attend to drive up to the trailhead, many getting very stuck. People are still welcome to walk, ski, or bike into the area

The Bridger-Teton National Forest staff ask that the public please stay off the Cache Creek Road until further notice. A facility tech did attempt to open the Cache Creek road on Monday, but was unsuccessful. On Thursday, conditions significantly deteriorated and the snow base turned to slush overwhelming the capability of a plow on a pick-up truck. Despite the road closure, vehicles did attempt to drive up to the trailhead over the weekend with many of them getting very stuck.

Currently, only one lane is open up to the Cache Creek trailhead and it is VERY icy. It does not allow safe passage for both incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic. The USFS is unable to plow the road at this point without damaging equipment or potentially tearing up the road. Patrollers will still cover the area and check conditions daily.

Cache Creek Road is closed until conditions improve. People are still welcome to walk, ski, or bike into the area but recognize that there is no parking. Please do not block driveways in the residential area.