Trails are continuing to dry out in the front country.  The Munger Mountain Trails are in good shape with only a few wet spots from spring seeps.  The Trail Crew did a pass on Poison Creek and Wally’s World and will hit Rock Creek, Squaw Creek, and Tusky Ridge next week.  On the pass the snow line is receding and you can make a loop out of lower History and Crater or Big Rocks and Black Canyon.  Lower Phillip’s Canyon and the Ridge trails are also clear from Fish Creek up to just below the Arrow trail junction and the switchback section respectively.  Snow King trails are almost all dry with some snow and mud persisting on upper Cache and Game Creek, upper Wilson Canyon, and the saddle of Ferrins.  The Cache Creek trails are tree free and the crew removed 54 trees and cleaned 314 drainage features on Poison, Wallys, History, Crater, Big Rocks, Blacks, Phillip’s Canyon, Ridge, Josies, Ferrins, Putt Putt, Wilson, West Game, and Game.  There are still a few more lingering out there and if you notice a tree down or a drainage problem message us and we will get to it asap.  Have a good weekend out there!