Trails Update: Monday, May 26th

Cache Creek Area
Putt Putt and all connections to the Road: OPEN
Sidewalk: OPEN
Road: OPEN
Sink or Swim: OPEN (Snow across ski run on the face of Snow King
Hagen: CAUTION (Open from parking lot to Hagen Stairs )
Ferrins: CAUTION (wet snow patches at the last two switchbacks)
Wilson Canyon: CAUTION (Dry up top)
West Game: CAUTION (patchy snow up high)
Game: OPEN (dry from parking lot to West Game Junction)

Munger Mountain Area
Wally’s World: CAUTION
Poison: OPEN
Cosmic Carol’s: OPEN
Tusky Ridge: OPEN

Teton Pass Area (Most Covered in snow)
Parallel: OPEN
Old Pass Road: Clear of Snow to Crater Lake
Phillips Ridge and Canyon: Dry to Middle Earth