Thanks to everybody who came out to help on National Trails Day last Saturday!  We got a big head start on the bridge project on Teton Pass, moved ~8,000 pounds of lumber, rerouted a wet section of the History trail, cleaned all the water bars on Big Rocks, and finished the first bridge on Big Rocks in under 3 hours.  Crews were out clearing trees and fixing drainage problems on Snow King and Teton Pass this week.  The Arrow trail has maybe 500 feet of snow left, mostly in shaded drifts in the trees but is passable and Phillips Canyon is clear as well.  You can also link Arrow to the BPA road to bypass the Snotel and paraglider launch area to link up with the Ridge trail which is clear below 2 towers and the switchbacks.  Crews will clear the last few trees off of Snotel and Ridge next week.  Upper History is good to go as well and now is a great time to hike before the nettle grows 6 feet tall.  One more heads up for the bottom of the Shade Monkey trail at Snow King.  The condo construction and magic carpet location have led to the bottom 2 corners being graded over.  This will be fixed sometime in June after the construction fence is moved back to the property line and the magic carpet is moved to the west.  Enjoy the weekend!