The front country trails are in prime summer shape right now!  Teton Pass has only a few lingering snow drifts which are quickly melting and the rain this week has kept the dust down and the trails in great shape.  The Youth Trail Crew started this week and had a fun first day clearing drains on Putt Putt in a torrential hail storm but on the plus side it was easy to see the drainage dips and water bars working.  They spent the rest of the week working on bridges on the History Trail.  We are up to 4 bridges built with a few approaches left to fill in with gravel.  Next week we have 2 volunteer groups from TSS and the Teton Trail Runners to help us move lumber into the woods for the next bridges.  We also looked at a reroute on the Big Munger Trail with the USFS and DIRT.  They have a grant to bring severely eroded sections of that trail up to standards and when it is done it should make for a much more enjoyable experience for all trail users.  I would recommend that as the trail of the week as the views are stunning and the wildflowers are in full bloom right now!