A few cool days slowed the snow melt on Teton Pass but the trails continue to dry out.  I saw a few brave souls who had pushed out through the ~3 feet of snow on Pass Ridge and descended Black Canyon and Lithium.  Ski Lake is quite doable to the lake with snow remaining above.  Arrow to Phillip’s Canyon is cleared and passable with a few lingering drifts.  The Ridge is also passable by linking Arrow to Snotel and sections of the BPA road before descending the Ridge trail to Fish Creek road.  There are still a few trees down there that the Youth Trail Crew will help clear on their first day this Monday.  Look for these high school students working on the trails over the next 9 weeks, particularly on Teton Pass where they will be building bridges and installing new signs.  The crew also finished the first bridge on the History trail this week and we have some volunteers lined up to help us add gravel to the approaches and carry lumber to the next bridge sites.  Hopefully we dodge the rain this weekend and everyone is able to get out for an adventure.  Remember to wait til the roads dry out after a rain before going on the trails, that is usually a good indicator of when they have dried out enough to not be damaged and muddy.