This week the crew dodged some hail storms while working on the Skyline trail with the Montana Conservation Corps.  The MCC crew finished their 8 day hitch and helped to narrow and improve 1.2 miles of tread on the eastern end of the Skyline ridge.  The youth crew had a big day on the Ski Lake trail clearing 104 drainage features and several large trees between the lake and the ridge.  We also installed 22 more of the new trail signs around Snow King, we will get more out next week and then have several volunteer groups in August who should help us finish the Snow King area trails.  A note about these signs, they are part of a several year project to map and define USFS system trails, and match with the town and county signs on roads and pathways to help people seamlessly navigate from their homes to an adventure in the forest and back safely.  They are all labeled, numbered, and gps’ed for Teton County Search and Rescue to better locate any injured trail users.  That being said, be safe out on the trails this weekend so you don’t need to call our friends at TCSAR.