Teton Pass Trails

I visited Phillips TH yesterday, half way up Teton Pass and I can report snow on the Ski Lake, Phillips, Arrow, Ridge and Snotel Trails. At this point those trails are not in use, unless you have X-C skiis. Could be the end of the season for these trails, unless we get some sustained warm weather. If you want to use the BPA road to get your firewood, better do it now since the road is becoming snow covered to the HG/PG launch. This may all change, but it is looking a lot like winter up there as of yesterday.

From the Trail Creek TH, I took a walk on History Trail and back down Crater Trail. It is bit muddy but open and provide a nice walk, Crater being somewhat muddy for bikes. Big Rocks is a choice, good drainage in there makes this trail passable late into the season. As always the Old Pass Road remains a choice for walking and riding. Maybe we should asphalt all the trails, no mud problems then.

Machinery working for the reminder of the week on the Crater Jumps and Parallel Trail.

You might find the Phillips Ridge Trail from the Fish Creek TH usable, same with lower Phillips Canyon Trail, start from the bottom and sooner or later you will run into mud and snow, at that point turn around and come home. I have not visited that area. EJ and I will be in there soon pulling kit out for the winter and I will get back to you with information.