• Trail Updates

Friends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to collaborate on design, construction and stewardship of local trails for all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. We’re committed to providing easy year round access to trails in order to maintain our high quality of life in Jackson Hole.

Teton Pass is drying out and crews have been clearing trees this week.  We got Phillip’s Canyon up to the Phillip’Pass junction and the Ridge Trail up to rock world.  The ridgelines and shaded trees are still holding drifts so if you are intrepid you can posthole your way through.  We also worked on prepping the Adams to Wilson connector trail for National Trails Day tomorrow.  This user created trail that will provide safe access from the neighborhoods on the west side of the highway to the national forest on the east side of the highway via the old Adams Canyon Cattle Tunnel.  We will meet at Adams Canyon Dr. and have bagels and coffee before and brats and beverages after.  Come out tomorrow morning from 9 to 12 to help out!

Finally some sunshine!  Snow King and Munger are in great shape after the rains and the trails on Teton Pass are drying out quickly.  Crews cleared up Black Canyon to the snow line, and hit Big Rocks, Crater, and lower History.  The lower reaches of Phillip’s Canyon and the Ridge trail are also dry along with Parallel.  Get out this weekend and enjoy some sunshine and plan on coming out on National Trails Day on June 5th to help us complete the Adams to Wilson connector trail.  More info can be found HERE

The trails in the Snow King and Munger Systems are 99% dry with only a few lingering snow drift on windy ridges.  Crews have cleared both systems for downed trees and have started to clear on Teton Pass.  The Teton Pass trails are melting out and are usable from the lower trailheads.  Crews cleared up Phillip’s Canyon and the Crater to History trail loop.  TFR also reported dry conditions on the Parallel trail.  There is still a good amount of snow at the Phillips/Jimmys and Teton Pass trailheads so the upper access to the trails may still be a few weeks away.  With rain in the forecast for the next few days try to make sure you wait until the paved roads are dry to go use the trails.  That is usually a good indicator of when the trails have drained and absorbed the moisture and you won’t be getting muddy and damaging the trails.  MBT also has some trail reports for the CTNF trails at the link below.  Have a good weekend out on the trails!


Crews are clearing trees as the trails continue to dry out.  The Cache Creek trails are mostly dry with a few lingering snow patches.  Everything below Sink or Swim is also good to go with just the snow on the ski slopes remaining.  Game Creek is dry up to the West Game junction and you can explore up both drainages above that until you start hitting snow in the north facing trees.  Munger is also drying out quickly with snow remaining on the north side of Wally World.  Crews will be heading out there next week to clear trees and work on drainage.  As you explore, be sure to let us know if you see downed trees on the trails via the Trail Maintenance Request button at the bottom of the page.  This really helps the crew find trees and clear them before user trails form around them.

Spring is here and there are dry trails!  The Winter Wildlife Closures open today offering lots of options to explore Wilson Canyon, Josie’s Ridge, and Crystal Butte.  The usual Putt Putt and Sidewalk loop to the Wiggle is 99% dry with intermittent snow patches further up Cache and on the shaded Hagen side.  Game Creek is dry on the Beaver Ponds side with a few snow patches lingering on the singletrack.  The trails from the Wildlife Lane trailhead are mostly dry too offering some short loops.  Get out and enjoy and if you find some snowy or muddy patches remember to go through them, not around them!  It is easier to fix some concentrated trail damage rather than to rehab wide sections of trail.  With so many excited trail users, all those footprints and tire tracks will smooth out the muddy bits as they dry.  Also if you see a tree down or a section of trail that needs work, use our trail maintenance request button at the bottom of this page to let our crews know where the issue is.