Trails were melting out quickly with temps in the 70’s earlier this week but will be slick and muddy with the wet weather lingering through Saturday.  The lower parts of some trails on Teton Pass are snow free and are being cleared by the USFS and FOP crews this week and next week.  On Snow King most trails are dry with lingering snow on the north side of the Ferrins and Cache/Game saddles, and within the Snow King Ski Area.  There are also lingering wet and muddy spots in the 5 way meadows of Wilson, Leeks, and West Game as well as towards the end of the Hagen trail.  Munger is good to go and the bike parks at Blair Dr. are also ready, including the new Totem Track just to the north of the community gardens.  Hopefully this will help spread out the crowds and give the youngest users their own space.  Have fun this weekend and try to stay off of the trails while the rain lingers, maybe aim for Sunday afternoon or Monday for your adventures!

Remember to check out the MBT report below for some more dry trails in Teton Valley.


A rainy and cool week has slowed the trail drying process.  You can get a little farther up in elevation on sunny slopes without trees, but these same sections tend to get more rain and become muddy more quickly than trails under tree cover.  The lower portion of Ferrins is in good shape and Hagen is starting to dry out up to bridge 2 but it is pretty snowy beyond that.  The USFS crew cleared Munger this week and found it in good shape with only a few lingering snow drifts.  They also completed more work on the Josies steps to try and shore up the most eroded sections of trail.  We worked with MBT as well this week on a new bike park by the Blair Community Gardens.  The track is close to done but needs a few sunny days to dry out after all the rain this week.  When open it will be geared more towards kids on strider bikes and alleviate some of the congestion at the bigger park.  If you are looking for an adventure there are also some fun trails down the Snake River canyon at lower elevations.  Check out the Dog, Cabin, East Table, and Wolf Creek trails as well as some of the scenic trails down to the river.  It looks like the sun comes out for the weekend so get out and enjoy!

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After another sunny week more trails are drying out.  Most everything on the north side of Cache Creek is in the sun and has dried out.  The very end of Putt Putt has some snow and seeps that are keeping it muddy.  Trails below Sink or Swim and Hagen Highway are in great shape too with only the snow left on the ski runs within the Snow King resort.  Wilson Canyon is also dry up to the steep rocky part of the trail and Game Creek is coming along and is mostly snow free up to the West Game junction.  The higher elevations and shady areas are still holding some snow but melting fast so if you are out exploring try to stay on dry trail or snow and avoid making muddy areas worse.  If you see any trees across the trails or a spot that needs attention send us a trail maintenance request from our website with the button at the bottom right of your screen.

Have fun out there this weekend and make sure to check out Mountain Bike the Tetons Dirt Reports for other dry trails areas around the Wydaho Region here:

Happy May 1st, the crew was out all morning opening the winter wildlife closures and seeing what was dry.  The first mile or two of Game Creek is in good shape with just a little compact ice on the first left hand bend.  The lower parts of Wilson Canyon in the sun looked good as well.  As you wrap around Snow King the lower parts of Josies and KC were dry with patches of snow in the trees which is the general trend.  In Cache the Nelson Knoll loop, lower Woods Canyon, Crystal Lite, and Crystal Butte are good to go.  The Sidewalk is also snow free and you can link to the Wiggle and Putt Putt on dry trail.  The crew dug through a few drifts on Putt Putt to speed up the melting and prevent trail damage in the muddy spots below the lingering snow.  Please try to stay on the snow and the trail, many feet and tires help to smooth out the muddy spots as they go from damp to dry.  While the trails are dry enough for hikers and bikers it is still too soon for horses which exert a greater weight on a small surface of the trail and will leave deep prints at this time of year.  If you are out riding try to keep to compact gravel surfaces on the old road grades for another week or so.  Everything else in the shade is spotty and intermittent with snow and mud depending on the time of day.  Saturday should be a good time to get out and explore, but watch the weather on Sunday and Monday and give the trails a few hours after any precipitation as the soils are saturated and don’t dry out as quickly as they do later in the summer.  Have a great weekend!

While the valley and the pathways are nice right now the trails are in mud season.  With the warm temps all next week it is a good idea to avoid the mishmash of wet snow and mud.  I would recommend any of the pathways or if you are really craving singletrack you may be able to use the Hagen trails early in the mornings if the temps are cold overnight.  Otherwise the only dry dirt is on the Nelson Knoll loop, the Blair Dr. Bike Park, and the singletrack along the S.89 pathway.  Hopefully by next weekend when the winter wildlife closures lift on May 1st there will be some more dry trails to get out and explore.  Until then remember to spread out and give people 6 feet when passing and keep yourselves healthy!