With unpredictable avalanche danger this year, our Teton Pass Ambassador asks all of us to spread the word about avoiding highlighted areas on Teton Pass.

Over the holidays, two user-related incidents resulted in dangerous conditions. On December 23rd, an avalanche buried two snow mobilers and on Christmas Eve, an avalanche was triggered on Twin Slides that trapped three cars and blocked a lane of traffic. Linda Merigliano, Bridger-Teton Recreation, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager, reminded users that “more incidents like this could result in a much worst outcome for motorists or create pressure to close the Twin Slides run to skiing and boarding, similar to the Mt. Rogers area in Canada… this incident is a graphic reminder that access to skiing on Mt. Glory is dependent on skiers/boarders exercising responsibility and consideration for other people.”Teton Gravity Research

Additionally, the Pass Ambassador asks that backcountry users remember five keys for backcountry safety this year:

  • Carpool and park tight
  • Take care of your pets
  • Work with the Enforcement Agencies
  • Ride with respect and humility

    Spread the word Pistono said. “The core local group, whether we feel like we’re role models or not, in terms of how we use things up here, we kind of are. So much of your actions send out the message.” Pistono urges the frequent users to speak up when they see someone not obeying etiquette or entering into unsafe practices. “Find your voice,” he said. “It might be awkward at times to talk to people, but especially if it’s a safety-related issue, communicate to those who don’t know better.” Jackson Hole News and Guide