Trail Conditions for 8-2-19


This week the crew worked with another great volunteer group from the Beckett YMCA for 2 days on the West Game trail.  They built a turnpike and a small reroute at a seasonal runoff between bridge 3 and 4.  They also built a causeway to raise the approach to bridge 3 above the creek which has formed a small oxbow bend right beside the trail in recent years.  The crews split and cleared some downfall on the Hagen Highway, Black Canyon, Arrow, and Ridge trails from the winds that blew through over the weekend.  The Black Canyon crew also cleaned 98 drainage features on their hike to help get water off the trail and prevent erosion.  They also got to practice crosscutting while clearing the Goodwin Lake trail up to Jackson Peak with one of the Wilderness Rangers.  The trails should be in great shape with the rain from last night.  Be sure to get out to the Rendezvous Hill Climb at JHMR on Saturday and stop by the Pass Bash at the Stagecoach afterwards.