There are many more trails melting out and would be dry if only the rain would let up. The Putt Putt side of the Cache Creek drainage is drier than the Hagen side which is still holding a few snow patches and muddy spots. Crystal Butte and Josie’s Ridge are in great shape and the Nelson Knoll loop too if you are looking for the best views. You can connect across Sink or Swim with only a little snow remaining on the face of Snow King, and Game Creek continues to dry out making for a longer out and back option. Once again remember to stay off the trails when they are wet. A good rule of thumb is to wait for the streets in town to dry before heading out, and always look behind you, if you are leaving tracks of any kind on the trail it may be better to wait a bit. I’ll definitely be waiting for Sunday which looks to be the nicest weather window this weekend. See you out there!