Big week on the trails with lots of folks out enjoying the holiday weekend.  The crew spent Monday  prepping for the Montana Conservation Corp crew which gets here next week to work on the center section of the Skyline trail.  This meant moving twelve – 40 pound “cubies” of water up 1.5 miles up to the Coors Light saddle (the mid way saddle on the western climb of Skyline, named for the discarded beverage of choice left behind at an old hunting camp we found there).  A big thanks to Engine 441 from the USFS for helping with this.  We then worked the trail from the Cache Game divide down to the bridge on Cache Creek, fixing tread, rock raking, and improving water bars.  We also added big rocks to the section of the Cache Trail where the river was washing out.  We saw ~70 bikers, hikers, and runners on the Skyline, Cache, and Game trails.  The crew also finished the reroute in Game Creek around 3 seeps and rehabbed the muddy mess.  The Operation Purple military group from Teton Science School came and helped at Wildlife Lane on Thursday.  46 hard working volunteers built a short reroute to bring the Linda’s and Wildlife Lane trails to 1 junction point on the KC trail.  They also rehabbed the old trails and opened up the line of sight at the junction.  We also hosted another group from TSS that helped us to close and rehab an old alternate trail in the Sink or Swim area that was unsustainable.  The Youth Crew then moved into Tank Top Thursday and prepped the slab for the new bike locker storage at Stilson.  All in all a fun week with great help from volunteers.  If you would like the opportunity to volunteer come out Monday from 4-8 to the joint volunteer day with MBT and TFR on the Black Canyon trail from Teton Pass to Mount Elly.