Signs!  Our new trail signs for the Snow King area trails arrived and we started installing them this week.  They include maps and directions with mileages as well as education messages for good trail etiquette.  Look for them to be installed over the next few weeks!  Crews also cleared Black Canyon, Skyline, West Game, Ferrins, and Hagen this week removing 31 trees that fell in the storm last Sunday night.  Monday evening we had a joint volunteer day with Mountain Bike the Tetons and the Teton Freedom Riders and had 12 volunteers show up to work on the section of Black Canyon from the top of Teton Pass to Mt. Elly.  The youth crew spent a day killing musk thistle on the Shade Monkey trail then closed and rehabbed some short cut trails in the Hagen Highway area.  Crews were able to clear the culvert at Crater Lake that was clogged stopping the water from running up and over the road.  There is also a crew from the Montana Conservation Corps who have been camping and working on the western half of the Skyline trail all week.  They are doing an amazing job and said if anybody wants to bring them cookies over the weekend they wouldn’t turn them down.  See you out on the trails!