All the trails on Snow King, Teton Pass, and Munger are open including Skyline!  Crews had a busy week doing maintenance on turnpikes on the History Trail and removing a 60 inch diameter Douglas Fir that had fallen over the winter.  Then they worked with a volunteer groups from Teton Science School to remove invasive species in Game Creek including Musk Thistle and Houndstongue.  Crews also worked on a reroute around several seeps on the Game Creek singletrack.  We had a chance to work with the USFS River Rangers to make an evac trail near the 3 Oar Deal rapid and brush cut the overgrown first mile of Cabin Creek.  Finally we finished of the week by clearing 62 trees off of the Skyline Trail which is now open!  The wildflowers are beautiful up there right now so hopefully you get a chance to go for a hike or a ride up there this holiday weekend.