Teton Pass is melting out slowly but surely.  Most of the south side trails are in good shape except for upper Blacks, Lithium, and History trail which remain in the snow zone.  The north side trails have patchy snow but are passable.  Ski Lake has intermittent snow up to the Phillip’s Pass junction and the Arrow, Snotel, Ridge loop has been cleared of trees and the trail is ~50% free of snow.  Good for people on foot but not so much for bikes or horses.  The BPA road however is almost entirely free of snow and lets you connect to the lower Ridge Trail which is cleared and snow free.  Snow King and the Munger Mountain trails are all in good shape and crews addressed many of the water problems from last weeks run off.  There were a few new trees down from the storms last week so if you see any blocking the trails let us know and we’ll get them cleared for you!