Last week, Friends of Pathways staff teamed up with Koreen Sheridan at Davey Jackson Elementary to teach 600 Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students cycling skills in PE classes.  The first day we practiced fitting helmets and basic bike safety checks.  The kids loved moving the seats up and down to fit them perfectly!  On the second day, all students learned how to signal turns and pass other pathway users safely.  We spent the time on the bikes, practicing the balance to signal a turn with one hand on the handlebars.  As you can see from some of the photos — it’s a challenging skill to learn!

Friends of Pathways purchased 20 Strider Balance Bikes designed for kids ages about 5-10. Striders simple, no-pedal design builds confidence and teaches children to balance on two wheels.  They have been incredible for the students who have never been on a bike before and have been a lot of fun for the kids who have more experience.

Next week, we’ll practice weaving, riding a straight line, and balancing.  Stay tuned for more!

Friends of Pathways thanks Teton County School District #1, Smith’s Food and Drug, Strider Bikes, and Hoback Sports for teaming up to make this program possible.

Visit our flickr page to see a few images from our first two days!