When was the last time you rode a bike, and where?

Candidates for Mayor

sara-flitnerSara Flitner: 

I got a great ride in during last week’s sunny weather, from my house out towards  the Village. As far as errands go, I use my cruiser a lot…I would use it less if I remembered to buy the gallon of milk when I was picking up the bread! I live close to the store and on a great pathway, so it’s not much of an inconvenience, more a chance to enjoy fresh air and all the great work of Pathways!

pete-muldoonPete Muldoon: 

I rode over to Lucky’s this morning. I try to ride in town as much as possible (I have a bike trailer for groceries), and I mountain bike as well.



Candidates for Town Council

jessica-chambersJessica Chambers:

I rode my pink granny bike with my son’s empty front child seat, to see Terry Tempest Williams at SH/FT at the Center for the Arts – talk about an inspirational evening; highlights: we need to learn to speak the language of ‘we’ and we need to put people before profit. A lot to think about on the bike ride home…


judd-grossmanJudd Grossman:

I don’t bike, but I longboard downtown on most days to run errands.




haileyHailey Morton Levinson:

I rode my bike to the last People’s Market a few weeks ago. I rode with my husband and our son, Ari, who is really excited about his chariot!



jim-stanfordJim Stanford:

I rode my bike around South Park Loop yesterday evening for a beautiful fall tour. The route went from east Jackson along the Snow King Avenue bike lane to the Garaman Path, and then around the pathway network by the schools to 3 Creek, Melody Ranch and south Highway 89. It was great to see the progress on the new Melody Ranch portion. I have walked or biked to nearly every Town Council meeting in the last four years.


Candidates for County Commission

treyTrey Davis:

In September, my wife, kids and I rode our bikes on the Pathways on South Highway 89. We frequently use that route to access the schools, parks supermarket and to ride into Town from Rafter J.



gregGreg Epstein:

I ride my bike often. Most recently I commuted from Melody Ranch to Wilson and back for work.



nikkiNikki Gill:

The last time I rode my bike was this past week to grab coffee at Cowboy Coffee – and to say hi to my husband.



nataliaNatalia Macker:

Yesterday! My husband and I carpool from the Hoback Junction as much as possible, and I keep a bike in town to use to get around during the week.