We will be posting pathway plowing and sweeping updates as often as possible on this page and on our Facebook page.

Pathways maintenance personnel will be focusing on the winter-to-spring transition over the next several weeks, which includes sweeping sections that were plowed during the winter and clearing snow off of sections that were groomed for the winter season. Pathway users should use caution and watch out for icy sections due to snow melt and refreezing (especially during the morning hours), for gravel patches that may make corners slippery, or for other hazards that may exist during the transition to spring conditions. Check out the winter map HERE to see which sections were groomed or plowed this winter.

In addition, FOP’s winter single-track grooming in Cache Creek, will continue as long as weather permits, or until March 28th. The trails are holding up fairly well but please avoid hiking or riding during the warmest parts of the day if possible. If you are leaving a trench or divot more than 2” deep you are damaging the trail surface.

As always, please demonstrate good pathways and trail behavior by passing slower users safely, ringing your bell when passing, picking up after your pet, and obeying traffic rules. And, during this time of social distancing, we can all help out by making just a little added effort to slow down and give everyone extra space when traveling on pathways.

Lastly, please remember that social distancing recommendations still apply on pathways and trails, and that if you’re coughing and/or feverish, please rest, self-quarantine, and seek medical advice.