Bike lanes are defined bicycle travel lanes that are for cyclists only. They enable cyclists to ride at their own speed, without being influenced by prevailing traffic conditions and help to facilitate movement predictability between cyclists and motorists. They usually run curbside when no side street parking is present, and run the same direction of traffic. Prior to these recent improvements, Snow King was the only designated bike lane in town in 2007!

Bike Routes On most bike routes, bikes and cars use the same roadway space. These are seen around town on streets and roadways that have relatively low speed and traffic volumes. Bike routes can employ a variety of signage or more complex systems inducing traffic diverters, speed humps, and wayfinding signage. Bike routes with wayfinding signage, shared lane markings and low traffic volumes and speeds can be designated as bicycle boulevards.

Bike Box Management of potential motorist and cycling conflict is done by a variety of “intersection treatments.” These come in variety of forms with the purpose to heighten cyclist visibility, show a right of way, and increase user awareness. One common intersection treatment coming to Jackson is the bike box. These are used at intersections with a high volume of cyclists, where right and left turn conflict is present. They can extend the entire length of an intersection making the cyclist more visible. Want more detailed information? Click the underlined titles! Are you signaling correctly?

Check and see this signaling how-to.

Practice good bike etiquette, learn some handy tips, and remember spandex optional