Trail Conditions for 7-19-19


This week the crew teamed up with a great volunteer group from the Beckett YMCA to build 2 bridges on the History Trail.  These are a continuation of the Teton Bridge Project from last year bringing the grant total to 17 bridges built or replaced on the Teton Pass trail system.  The dimensional lumber bridges go together quickly but require many hands to carry all the lumber and tools needed into the field to construct them.  Randy and Cam cleared some trees on Phillip’s Canyon and Chris got a few on West Game that fell during all the wind this week.  If you see a tree down on the trails give us a shout and we will send one of the crew or ambassadors out to get it.  The crew also fixed a turnpike on the History Trail and built a new one on the Hagen trail at a wet spot that developed over the winter.  The Hagen trail is in prime condition right now, especially if you are a horsefly so be sure to go early in the day or keep moving on your adventure.