Trail Conditions for 6-14-19


Tree clearing, bridges, and helicopters what a fun week!  The crew cleared Big Rocks and Black Canyon up to Bridge 3 before hitting snow and Cam Eddy and an unknown trail Samaritan cleared Phillip’s Canyon and the Ridge trail from Fish Creek up to the snow line.  A few riders reported they were able to ride Arrow to Phillip’s Canyon with some hiking over snow drifts in the middle and also the Ridge trail by linking sections of Arrow, Snotel, and the BPA road to avoid most of the snow drifts.  The crew also replaced the bridge on the Phillip’s Canyon access trail from Fish Creek Rd. that had developed a crack after 2 winter of record snowfall.  Thursday we also had a ton of help from Teton Helitack, literally 12 tons of help from their training session where they dropped off twelve 1,000 pound loads of rock on Josies Ridge to continue the trail reinforcement project that we have been working on for a few years.  Josie’s Ridge is a the top end of what the soils here can sustain for trail steepness and by shoring up the steepest portions of the trail we can help ensure it retains its character as an uphill challenge for years to come.