After an exciting evening at the polls, Friends of Pathways took a moment to connect with Brian Schilling at Town of Jackson/Teton County Pathways.  His thoughts on the support for this year’s SPET Propositions follow:

For over a decade, the Town of Jackson/Teton County Pathways program has been fortunate to receive incredible community support in SPET elections, and Teton County voters have come through again this year to approve the final segment of South Park Loop pathway and pedestrian improvement projects on North Cache and in West Jackson.

We know the importance of this enduring support cannot be underestimated, as it has made it possible to complete major projects that would otherwise have been impossible or would have taken decades to fund through general budgeting. We recognize that the community’s support is the lifeblood of the Pathways program, and because of this we greatly appreciate their support and do not take it for granted.

“I am encouraged and grateful,” Brian Schilling, Pathways Coordinator for Teton County/Town of Jackson said, ”to know that, despite a well funded campaign attacking SPET and pathways in particular, Teton County voters have again demonstrated their support for a safe, multi modal transportation system by approving all three transportation-related SPET propositions.”

SPET is a powerful tool that allows voters to have a direct say in prioritizing capital projects. The results from this year’s election clearly show that the voters have, once again, stamped their approval on SPET as an appropriate way to fund these important projects in a timely and responsible manner.

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