The Jackson Ranger District has proposed a management plan for dogs and other use in the Cache Creek drainage during the winter months. Provide feedback for the plan before January 20, 2016.

For the past year, the Bridger-Teton actively sought public input to improve winter management in the Cache Creek area. The central focus was on issues related to dog waste and dog control. We commend the BTNF staff for taking public input and creating a plan that balances recreation in an essential close-to-town trailhead while and looking to improve conditions on surrounding critical winter wildlife habitat. Read the full plan.

The Bridger-Teton has proposed a multi-faceted program that will be implemented during the winter season between December 1 and April 30 annually. The program emphasizes education efforts with relatively small changes in regulations. Changes include:

Dogs: A dog leash requirement has been added in the Cache Creek parking area and on the road until the Bar-T-5 Cookout site (about 1/2 mile up the trail). Additionally, a new leash requirement would be added to Teton Pass parking area and up a portion of the trail up Glory. The existing leash requirements on the Putt-Putt Trail and in Game Creek would remain the same.

Fat Bikes and Walkers/Runners: In response to concerns between people on bikes and on foot, winter bike use will be prohibited on Cache Sidewalk Trail to the connection with Wiggle / Cache Creek Road. Friends of Pathways will work with Teton Mountain Bike Tours to improve human-powered grooming on Hagen to the second bridge and Putt-Putt to provide more close to home fat biking options.

Read the plan for more details.

Metrics will be used to track progress and the success of the program, including:

  • Number of dog waste piles in Cache Creek trailhead and on the first portion of trail.
  • Response to a donation program led by Friends of Pathways and PAWS to support educational ambassadors in Cache Creek.
  • Compliance with existing leash requirements on Putt-Putt and in Game Creek areas adjacent to winter wildlife habitat.
  • Number of documented incidences between dos and wildlife in Cache-Creek and on Teton Pass. 

This plan will require the cooperation from everyone who uses winter trails. Let’s work together to create a respectful and responsible environment that allows for a great visitor experience, while respecting the incredible wildlife that frequent the area in the winter.

Comments must be submitted in write by January 20, 2016. Letters should be emailed or sent to:
Cache-Teton Pass Winter Proposal
Bridger-Teton National Forest Service
Jackson Ranger District
PO BOx 1689
Jackson, WY 83001