Winter cycle commuting, while a bit intimidating to some, can be the most enjoyable, beautiful, and exciting riding of the year.  Of course, the change in weather requires a change in your routine, but we’ve got a few tips about gear and techniques to get you ready for anything this winter. 

Make sure your hands, neck, face, and feet are COVERED!
       VIDEO: Tips from Jay P. and Layering for the Ladies

A buff, balaclavas, and/or ear warmers are essential.  Thick gloves, re-heatable hand-warmers, and end of handlebar pogies can keep you hands from getting cold.  Dress warmly, but be aware of building too much heat.  If you get sweaty, you can end up too cold.

Tips for Walking Success

Parks and Rec plows the sidewalks regularly, so get out and take advantage of this incredible resource.  Take a look at the map before you start walking to choose the best route.  Wear your snow pants and jacket over you work clothes.  They’ll keep you warm and  clean.

Tips for Cycling Success

Relax and slow down.   Slow down when you are turning and stopping to prevent slipping.  Using the rear brake will keep your bike more stable.  A winter ride will likely take longer than your summer commute.  Ride in a lower gear, so you pedal faster.  Your pace will be slower, but the extra motion will keep you warm.

Proper Bike Gear will make the trip safer and more enjoyable

      VIDEO: Tips from Jay P.

  • Fenders will keep your clothing dry and clean.
  • Studded tires prevent slipping.
  • Single speed bikes help to avoid iced up gears.
  • A bright light helps drivers see you in storms.