Friends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to collaborate on design, construction and stewardship of local trails for all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. We’re committed to providing easy year round access to trails that is essential to maintaining our high quality of life in Jackson Hole.

The theme of the spring is trees down on the trails.  This week the crews cleared 22 trees off of Hagen and Putt Putt, 16 trees off of Crater and Lower History, and a whopping 91 trees off of Ferrins, Wilson Canyon, and West Game.  I would suggest that as the outing for the weekend, the burn section is really interesting with all of the trees blown over in the same direction.  The upper sections of Cache and Game are still holding snow and have a few wet spots and trees left to clear.  Old Pass Road is also open thanks to Team Jackson Hole, it is worth a trip to the top to see the 6 foot banks of snow.  The rest of Teton Pass is slowly melting out and trails can be accessed as out and backs from the lower trailheads.  If you notice down trees or other trail problems tag them in social media with #jhtrails and we will get out to fix the problem asap!

The trails continue to dry out and the crew had a busy week clearing 162 trees off of Wilson, Ferrin’s, and the Munger Mountain trails.  Munger is in good shape with only a few seeps and wet spots and a few trees left on Wally World where we ran out of time and gas.  Ferrin’s is dry up to the bottom of the meadow but there are several feet of drifted snow above that.  The upper reaches of Hagen and Putt Putt are also slowly melting out and you can make it several miles up Game Creek with a few spots where the creek is on the road or water is bubbling out of gopher holes but it is passable.  On Teton Pass Parallel is in good shape and the lower parts of Crater, History, Old Pass Road, Blacks, Ridge, Phillip’s Canyon, and Big Rocks are melting out and make good excursions to find where the snow line is each day.  The crew will be clearing trees and cleaning drains there starting next week.  Remember when we do get precipitation a good gauge of when the trails are dry enough to not cause damage is when the roads start to dry out.  Have a great weekend!

Trails are still slowly melting out with lower Cache Creek and Sink or Swim and below being your best bet for the weekend with the Hagen side still covered in patchy snow and mud.  The crew found some carnage this week with a waterfall flowing down the steep section of Wilson Canyon and ~40 trees down on the upper part of Ferrins.  The full USFS and FOP crew is on starting Monday and will be clearing the high number of downed trees resulting from the heavy snow and ice load and high winds this winter.  We will aim to get Munger and some of the lower trails on Teton Pass cleared early next week!

With the nice weather this weekend there are several trails around Snow King that are in great shape for short excursions.  The Sidewalk to Wiggle to Putt Putt link up offers a great 5K loop from the Cache or Nelson Dr. trailheads.  The Hagen Highway and Sink or Swim are clear of snow except for the usual 100 ft section as you cross the ski area.  All of the lower trails from the Wildlife Lane and Flat Creek trailheads are in good shape and Josie’s Ridge is snow free most of the way to the top.  Around the Summit Trail area please stay on the trail and don’t shortcut straight up and down the hill to avoid snow.  This causes highly erosive fall line trails to form.  Have a fun weekend and enjoy the warm weather!

As usual in early spring there are a few dry trails out there in sunny spots and at low elevations.  The trails between Snow King Ski Area and the Winter Wildlife Closure to the west are 99% snow free and dry.  They can be accessed via the Rodeo and Pine Drive neighborhood access trails or by hiking up some snow from the base of Snow King.  Over in Cache Creek the road and trails on the Hagen side are still covered in snow and passable but starting to get muddy in spots.  The Sidewalk Trail is snow free and dry up to the Bridge 2 junction and Putt Putt is 95% snow free from the Cache Creek trailhead to the Nelson Drive trailhead.  Remember to try to stay on snow or dry dirt this time of year and if you see yourself gathering mud on your shoes or tires or leaving tracks you are doing damage to the trails.

The Bridger-Teton NF staff was able to improve parts of the road to Cache Creek Trailhead, but there is still more work to be done before cars are able to go back to the trailhead.

Walking, biking and skiing are still encouraged, although the Town and BTNF suggest that you park at May Park and not block local driveways on Cache Creek Road. There is NO PARKING near the barricade on Cache Creek Drive. Many vehicles have been ticketed.


It has been a difficult winter for our trial year grooming singletrack in Cache Creek.  We have managed to stay ahead of the storms and keep a little over 9 miles of singletrack groomed for hikers, bikers, runners, and skiers.  We are hoping your donations to this bike raffle will allow us to purchase all of the equipment we need to continue this grooming program in future years.  If you have enjoyed the trails in Cache this winter or could use a new fat bike, please consider purchasing a raffle ticket.  Each $100 donation will get you entered to win a Salsa Beargrease size large from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles.  The drawing will be held at the Togwotee Winter Classic Race on March 4th and you need not be present to win.  You can donate here: Bike Raffle


JACKSON, Wyo., FEBRUARY 16, 2017 – The Cache Creek road on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Jackson Ranger District, is temporarily closed to vehicle traffic from the edge of town to the trailhead.

People are still welcome to recreate in the drainage but no parking is allowed in front of the road barrier or along Upper Cache Creek Drive. There are small parking areas available at May Park which is approximately 1 mile from the trailhead and at Mike Yokel Park which is a little over a mile from the trailhead. Due to icy, narrow roads, and wildlife in the area, people walking with dogs are advised to leash their dog while on the town roads and leashes are required on the Cache road through the trailhead area.

The Cache Creek road was temporarily closed on Thursday February 9th when conditions significantly deteriorated and the snow base turned to slush. These conditions exceeded the capability of the Forest Service pick-up plow to move the slush and no other equipment was available. Despite the road closure, people attempted to drive up to the trailhead over the weekend and many vehicles became stuck. The subsequent cold temperatures have now created a one-way, frozen lane on the hill leading to the trailhead. The one lane is VERY icy and narrow and does not allow safe passage for both incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic. Forest Service personnel attempted to plow the road on Monday February 13th but found that it could not be accomplished without damaging the small plow or potentially tearing up the road. Thus, the decision was made to keep the road closed until temperatures warm enough to soften the ice and enable widening the road. Similar conditions exist at Nelson Drive. The trailhead is not plowed and people driving should plan to park along Broadway Ave and walk to the trailhead.

Teton County Parks and Recreation Department will continue grooming the Cache Creek trail on Friday. District Ranger Dale Deiter said that he recognizes that the longer walk is inconvenient but hopes that people will still visit the drainage and take advantage of the chance to experience Cache Creek with fewer people around. The area will continue to be patrolled with conditions checked daily. Warmer temperatures are forecasted, increasing the hope that the road can be opened early next week. In the meantime, recreationists may also want to explore the many alternative areas available to ski, walk, bike, or exercise your dog. Check out the Jackson Hole Nordic Report at for ideas or contact the Bridger-Teton National Forest at 307-739-5500 for suggestions.


Conditions at Cache Creek have become increasingly icy and difficult to manage. The road was closed over the weekend, but vehicles did attend to drive up to the trailhead, many getting very stuck. People are still welcome to walk, ski, or bike into the area

The Bridger-Teton National Forest staff ask that the public please stay off the Cache Creek Road until further notice. A facility tech did attempt to open the Cache Creek road on Monday, but was unsuccessful. On Thursday, conditions significantly deteriorated and the snow base turned to slush overwhelming the capability of a plow on a pick-up truck. Despite the road closure, vehicles did attempt to drive up to the trailhead over the weekend with many of them getting very stuck.

Currently, only one lane is open up to the Cache Creek trailhead and it is VERY icy. It does not allow safe passage for both incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic. The USFS is unable to plow the road at this point without damaging equipment or potentially tearing up the road. Patrollers will still cover the area and check conditions daily.

Cache Creek Road is closed until conditions improve. People are still welcome to walk, ski, or bike into the area but recognize that there is no parking. Please do not block driveways in the residential area.


We are excited to announce that Friends of Pathways, Mountain Bike the Tetons, and Teton Mountain Bike Tours have worked with the Bridger-Teton to pilot a Singletrack Trail Grooming program in Cache Creek for this winter.  This program which is being supported by donations at our Crowd Rise campaign site and will include a mixture of snowmobile and human grooming on 10 miles of trail.  Cache Creek saw an average of 286 trail users per day last winter, 66.1% hikers, 14.7% bikers, 10.3% runners, and 8.9% skiers.  This program will help to maintain a compact groomed trail surface for all trail users that is wide enough to allow people to pass each other without stepping off into deep snow on the side of the trail.  We worked with the BTNF to provide options close to the trailhead as well as additional grooming farther up the drainage to help spread out use.  We also are grooming upper Cache Creek road to Noker Mine an extra day each week to help bolster Parks and Rec’s grooming efforts.  If you enjoy using the trails in the winter take a look at our Crowd Rise site to learn more about FOP and MBT’s  joint venture to groom trails in Jackson, Victor, and Driggs!