Friends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to collaborate on design, construction and stewardship of local trails for all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. We’re committed to providing easy year round access to trails that is essential to maintaining our high quality of life in Jackson Hole.

We are MORE than just Friends of Pathways


TRAILS – 125 miles of world class recreation

  • WE support the Bridger-Teton National Forest
  • WE maintain 125 miles of your favorite trails
  • We fund a 5 person trail crew and engage hundreds of volunteers

TETON PASS –  access to acres of powder

  • WE fund the Teton Pass Ambassador program
  • WE encourage safe and ethical behavior on Teton Pass
  • WE help keep backcountry access open to winter recreation

KIDS – outreach to elementary students

  • WE teach safe bike riding skills
  • WE own a fleet of strider and multi speed bikes for use in elementary PE classes
  • WE inspire appreciation for active transportation through IWalk,IBus, IBike to school days

FUN – lots of it!

  • WE foster active lifestyles through Bike Week, Commuter Choice Challenge, and the Teton Pass Kicker
  • WE celebrate of our community trails and pathways networks through National Trails Day, the Teton Food Tour, and Celebration Rides
  • We provide Bike Valets at Old Bill’s, Harvest Festival, Eco-Fair, Health Fair, RaptorFest

JACKSON HOLE – we build community

FOP has worked with over 20 community organizations this year: Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, Teton Science School, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Rendezvous Lands Conservancy, Slow Food in the Tetons, Bridger-Teton National Forest, JH Community Pathways, JH Public Art, 4-H, Teton Freedom Riders, Backcountry Horsemen, Raptor Center, Teton Adaptive Sports, Community Entry Services, River Rock, JH Children’s Museum, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole Community School, Teton County School District, University of Wyoming, Snow King Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Snow King Face:
Expect closures on the face of Snow King during the month of July, to protect public safety during the installation of the snow making equipment. Current closure maps posted below.  More information here.


Cache Creek: OPEN

Munger: OPEN

Teten Pass: OPEN
Some snow on the top of Snowtel and Arrow


Snow King Trails (Cache Creek and Game Creek): OPEN
JH Mountain Games will be using Ferrin’s on Saturday.

Munger: OPEN
After the rain, we recommend caution when riding on trails.

Teton Pass Area:
Arrow, Snow-Tel, Phillips Ridge: 
expected to be melted by the weekend and if the weather clears will be cleared of trees by the crew on Thursday and Friday. Some snow patches.

Old Pass Road: OPEN, but watch for high water. Thanks Jim Verdone!

Downhill Trails: OPEN, except for Lithium.




Snow King Trail System: OPEN

Cache/Game: OPEN

Munger Mountain: OPEN

Teton Pass Trails:

Ridge Trail: CAUTION (mostly dry, some trees down, working to get it cleared by the weekend.)

Arrow and Snowtel: CAUTION (snow in places, please avoid)

Crater Lake – Old Pass Road: OPEN (just swept by Jim Verdone THANK YOU JIM!; trail is open and rideable, watch for high water, moose, and others.)


Cache Creek Area
Putt Putt and all connections to the Road: OPEN
Sidewalk: OPEN
Road: OPEN
Sink or Swim: OPEN (Snow across ski run on the face of Snow King
Hagen: CAUTION (wet in places)
Ferrins: CAUTION (wet snow patches at the last two switchbacks)
Wilson Canyon: CAUTION (Dry up top)
West Game: CAUTION (patchy snow up high)
Game: CAUTION mostly dry all the way to Cache Creek

Munger Mountain Area
Wally’s World: CAUTION
Poison: OPEN
Cosmic Carol’s: OPEN
Tusky Ridge: OPEN

Teton Pass Area (Most Covered in snow)
Parallel: OPEN
Old Pass Road: Clear of Snow to Crater Lake
Phillips Ridge and Canyon: Dry to Middle Earth

Cache Creek Area
Putt Putt and all connections to the Road: OPEN
Sidewalk: OPEN
Road: OPEN
Sink or Swim: OPEN (Snow across ski run on the face of Snow King
Hagen: CAUTION (Open from parking lot to Hagen Stairs )
Ferrins: CAUTION (wet snow patches at the last two switchbacks)
Wilson Canyon: CAUTION (Dry up top)
West Game: CAUTION (patchy snow up high)
Game: OPEN (dry from parking lot to West Game Junction)

Munger Mountain Area
Wally’s World: CAUTION
Poison: OPEN
Cosmic Carol’s: OPEN
Tusky Ridge: OPEN

Teton Pass Area (Most Covered in snow)
Parallel: OPEN
Old Pass Road: Clear of Snow to Crater Lake
Phillips Ridge and Canyon: Dry to Middle Earth

I visited Phillips TH yesterday, half way up Teton Pass and I can report snow on the Ski Lake, Phillips, Arrow, Ridge and Snotel Trails. At this point those trails are not in use, unless you have X-C skiis. Could be the end of the season for these trails, unless we get some sustained warm weather. If you want to use the BPA road to get your firewood, better do it now since the road is becoming snow covered to the HG/PG launch. This may all change, but it is looking a lot like winter up there as of yesterday.

From the Trail Creek TH, I took a walk on History Trail and back down Crater Trail. It is bit muddy but open and provide a nice walk, Crater being somewhat muddy for bikes. Big Rocks is a choice, good drainage in there makes this trail passable late into the season. As always the Old Pass Road remains a choice for walking and riding. Maybe we should asphalt all the trails, no mud problems then.

Machinery working for the reminder of the week on the Crater Jumps and Parallel Trail.

You might find the Phillips Ridge Trail from the Fish Creek TH usable, same with lower Phillips Canyon Trail, start from the bottom and sooner or later you will run into mud and snow, at that point turn around and come home. I have not visited that area. EJ and I will be in there soon pulling kit out for the winter and I will get back to you with information.

Trail update content.

It’s been a pretty incredible winter up on the pass.  We’ve enjoyed Endless Powder and a parking lot full of friends.  Jay Pistono, Friends of Pathways Pass Ambassador, has been impressed with the incredible cooperation on Teton Pass this year.  People are carpooling, ride sharing, parking close together, and choosing their lines wisely.

As the season comes to an end, we ask you to remember one more important thing: keep those dogs under control.  We suggest you bring a leash for controlling your dog when unloading.  When you’re ready to depart, you can let your dog off the leash.  Then, you’ll be sure to scoop that inevitable poop.  Also, bring your leash in case you encounter wildlife.  Please don’t let your dogs chase moose or any other animals.  It’s very stressful for them and winter is challenging enough.

The Pass Ambassador is a community-driven program with partner support from Friends of PathwaysBridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation, and Wyoming Department of Transportation. The AmPassador program is also sponsored with generous direct support from Outdoor Research. Please remember to thank these great community-minded organizations!

Last Friday marked the end of Winter Grooming in Teton County. Some highlights of this year’s grooming program, run by Teton County Parks and Rec, were the addition of a new half mile track at May Park and 15 miles groomed on Teton Park Road in Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton Park Foundation found that there are enough funds to extend the grooming in the park by one more week.  Friday, March 21 will be the final day for grooming on Teton Park Road.

Teton Park Road will be open for recreation until March 24th when the GTNP staff will begin snow removal.  When the plowing is complete (in mid-April) the road will be open for pedestrians and cyclists only.  The road will reopen to vehicles on May 1. Full Press Release

Friends of Pathways thanks the JH Nordic Alliance, Teton County Parks and Recreation, Grand Teton National Park, and Grand Teton National Park Foundation for their role in funding and implementing a weekly grooming program from Bradley Taggart Parking to Signal Mountain Lodge.