Friends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to collaborate on design, construction and stewardship of local trails for all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. We’re committed to providing easy year round access to trails that is essential to maintaining our high quality of life in Jackson Hole.

With all of the trails open now we wanted to focus on a new issue on the forest – E Bikes.  Currently E Bikes are not allowed on any trails in the Snow King or Teton Pass areas but there are a few areas where you can ride them.  Munger Mountain is open to motorized vehicle from July 1 to Sept 9, there is a new series of loops going in at Mosquito Creek that are designed for motorized singletrack, and the Horsetail and Bubba’s Trails near slide lake allow motorcycles and E Bikes.  Please take the time to read the Bridger-Teton press release at the link below and use E Bikes only on designated trails.



The trails are open!  Teton Pass, Munger, and Snow King trails are melted out and have been cleared and are in great shape.  Thanks to the USFS Trail Crew, the FOP Ambassadors, and the Youth Trail Crew for all of their hard work.  Also check out the improved trails at the Nelson Dr. trailhead.  The Western Governors helped rebuild the trail to Nelson Knob and the Youth Crew improved the Woods Canyon trail and added rock steps and drainage.  They also added drainage to the Black Canyon trail and the Wilson Canyon trail and cut back the willows in the upper meadow so those 2 trails should be at the top of your list for a weekends adventure!

6-10-16 Trail Conditions-01

Teton Pass trails all almost fully dry!  Get out this weekend and check out the Arrow, Ridge, Snotel, History, Phillip’s Pass, and Ski Lake Trails which have only a few small snow patches remaining.  Everything has been cleared of trees but if you find any new trees down after the storms this week let us know though social media or #jhtrails and we will get the crews out to clear them!

6-3-16 Trail Conditions-01

Teton Pass is melting out and the Ridge Trail is passable either by crossing a few snow drifts or by using sections of the BPA powerline road.  The Arrow Trail makes a nice out and back with the first 2 miles of trail being 95% snow free.  You can also get most of the way to Ski Lake before you hit snow.  The Cache-Game and Munger trails continue to be in great shape and if you want to help make them better come out for National Trails Day at the Nelson Dr. trailhead tomorrow from 9-12!

5-27-16 Trail Conditions-01

With 3 days of sunshine predicted the trails should dry out from all of this rain and be in great shape for Memorial Day weekend.  Teton Pass is melting out slowly but surely and most of the Freeride trails are good to go.  If you’re looking for a hike go check out the new steps on Josie’s Ridge that the crew installed this week.  Have a great holiday weekend!

GOAL MET & THE SKYLINE TRAIL BUILD IS CRANKING!                            

We are still accepting donations to help with future trail maintenance expenses. 

Thanks for helping us meet our fundraising goal. With help from volunteers, donations, supporters and more, we are well on our way to completing The Skyline Trail this Fall 2016! Take a peek at the video to learn more about this exciting new project.

Friends of Pathways – Skyline Trail from Friends of Pathways on Vimeo.

We kicked off the Skyline Trail in September 2015 with a huge community dig day where over 100 people joined us to dig the first mile of trail from the Ferrin’s Saddle to the first major peak on the ridge.  As the snow flies this fall we are already looking ahead to next summer to hire dedicated crews to complete the trail all the way to the Cache-Game Divide.

The Skyline Trail will be a 6.31 mile multi-use trail following the Skyline ridge that extends eastward from Snow King Mountain.  It will connect the Ferrin’s Saddle to the Cache Game Divide providing unparalleled views of the Tetons and Cache Peak, and loop options for hikers, runners, bikers, and equestrians.  The trail will travel by seven major points on the ridgeline contouring along open sage slopes, grassy saddles, wooded forests and rocky outcroppings.

The work day this fall was in memory of Luke Lynch who was killed last May in an avalanche.  Luke was a trail visionary and FOP friend and former board member whose tireless efforts were pivotal in Skyline’s approval.  We all have the opportunity to take action and start what Luke set out to build in of honor his brother Matt after his tragic passing 7 years ago.  The trails approval was known to Luke just days before he passed away.  It is up to us all to finish the effort.


First proposed in March 2011, the Skyline Trail has been discussed and studied in depth over the past four years.  A thorough system wide trail assessment and Snow King Area Trail Scoping document looked closely at the nine distinct geographic areas within the Jackson Ranger District, and more carefully still at the four zones within the Snow King Area.  After several rounds of public comment and public trail charettes, the USFS determined that the Snow King and Cache Creek areas were appropriate for greater trail density to accommodate growing recreational use.  The Skyline Trail was approved in May of 2015 with seasonal limitations on access as well as restrictions on Snow King lift service for bicycle access. (See all pertinent documents at the links below)

GSKA Scoping Decision
GSKA Trails Decision App B
GSKA Trails Decision App C
GSKA Trails Decision App D
GSKA Trails Decision Map Wildlife

After hundreds of hours surveying the ridgeline and taking into account concerns about wildlife, user safety, and building feasibility we arrived at the proposed trail alignment shown above.  We laid out a thorough project plan and budget and will utilize volunteers, local trail crews, regional conservation corps, and even a small trail machine to construct the Skyline Trail next summer.  A special thanks to Snow King Mountain Resort for letting us use the Summit Lift to access the project site!


5-20-16 Trail Conditions-01

Snow King and Munger are melted out and clear of trees and Teton Pass trails are in good shape below about 7800 feet in elevation.  The Ridge trail and Phillip’s Canyon are clear up to rock world and just below the Arrow trail junction respectively.  The crews cleared 68 trees and cleaned 197 drainage features this week off of Cabin Creek, Crater, Phillip’s Canyon, Lower Ridge, Hagen, and Munger.  They  will be working on replacing some of the Josie’s Ridge steps next week so watch for construction up there.  The trails are right at the saturation point of being muddy after the .31 inches of rain we received yesterday (remember that .3 inches is the magic number for muddy trails) so try to get out during sunny weather windows this weekend.  If in doubt the roads are a good indicator, if the pavement has dried out the trails should be just right.

5-13-16 Trail Conditions-01

Snow King and Munger Mountain trails are dried out and cleared of trees!  The crew removed 61 trees this week and gives Munger and Snow King the official open for the season with only a few small snow patches left on Ferrin’s and Game Creek that should melt out over the weekend.  They also cleared the Big Rocks loop and Crater and found it easily passable with only a few small snow patches.  Get out and enjoy the weekend!

5-6-16 Trail Conditions AI-01

Trails are still melting out with most of Snow King open except for high on the ridge tops.  Munger is your next best bet with just a few lingering snow patches.  Teton Pass still needs some more time although the Parallel Trail is dry and riding nice.  With rain in the forecast for the weekend check and look for the Precip 24 hour total.  When this goes over 0.3 inches that is when the trails get muddy and you should avoid them until they get a good dose of sunshine to dry them out.  Have a great weekend and come say hi at the bike swap tomorrow at The Hub!

4-30-16 Trail Conditions

With the Winter Wildlife Closure areas opening tomorrow there are a lot of dry trails to explore!  Snow King is your best bet with most of the lower trails melted out with some lingering drifts in shaded gullies.  Teton Pass still has a lot of snow but Old Pass Road is dry up to Crater Lake and the Crater Trail is passable for hiking with a few snow patches.  Munger Mountain is getting there but still has lingering snow patches and muddy spots so be respectful and turn around if you are leaving deep tracks on the trail.  Have a great weekend out on the trails!