Friends of Pathways has a formal partnership with the USFS to collaborate on design, construction and stewardship of local trails for all users – hike, bike, horse, and ski. We’re committed to providing easy year round access to trails that is essential to maintaining our high quality of life in Jackson Hole.

5-6-16 Trail Conditions AI-01

Trails are still melting out with most of Snow King open except for high on the ridge tops.  Munger is your next best bet with just a few lingering snow patches.  Teton Pass still needs some more time although the Parallel Trail is dry and riding nice.  With rain in the forecast for the weekend check and look for the Precip 24 hour total.  When this goes over 0.3 inches that is when the trails get muddy and you should avoid them until they get a good dose of sunshine to dry them out.  Have a great weekend and come say hi at the bike swap tomorrow at The Hub!

4-30-16 Trail Conditions

With the Winter Wildlife Closure areas opening tomorrow there are a lot of dry trails to explore!  Snow King is your best bet with most of the lower trails melted out with some lingering drifts in shaded gullies.  Teton Pass still has a lot of snow but Old Pass Road is dry up to Crater Lake and the Crater Trail is passable for hiking with a few snow patches.  Munger Mountain is getting there but still has lingering snow patches and muddy spots so be respectful and turn around if you are leaving deep tracks on the trail.  Have a great weekend out on the trails!

 Hot off the Pathways Press – Exciting News for the entire community. 

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Contacts: Katherine Dowson,

Kathryn Brackenridge,


Friends of Pathways Announces Evolved Mission Statement Based in Founding Principals and Broadened to Support New Efforts


Jackson, WY – Friends of Pathways announces an evolution of its mission statement. This new directive, “supporting a vibrant community by promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole,” reflects growing community priorities for decreasing traffic congestion and augmenting modes of healthy and planet-friendly travel.


Whether enjoying the community pathways system, a trail up Cache Creek, or a Start Bus, FOP wants to make it easier for people to enjoy life in Jackson Hole without the daily need for a car. Central to the enhanced mission rests a priority to help community and elected officials realize their goals of decreasing traffic congestion by implementing innovative solutions for transit and active transportation.


“The mission statement addendum comes at an exciting time for Friends of Pathways. With the imminent completion of Path22 and other milestones that have contributed to a sustainable trails and pathways network, it’s a good time to take the foundations of the organization to the next level” offers Executive Director Katherine Dowson. “Our new mission still encompasses trails and pathways while recognizing the important role that sustainable transportation and healthy recreation play in our community and quality of life,” notes Dowson.


This summer, Friends of Pathways will pursue its mission with the Commuter Choice Challenge, Skyline Trail construction and other trail projects, and work to develop a permanent Bike Share program. “As Jackson Hole continues to grow and prosper, it is essential to continually assess success, keep momentum and answer the call to promoting vibrancy, health and sustainability” notes Board President Greg Epstein. FOP has long-asked residents to ‘Be Today’s Solution,’ by making choices that encourage a healthy community and environment. Sustainable transportation, or more specifically, modes of travel that increase mobility while decreasing impacts on roads, wildlife, and citizens, are a part of that solution and will continue to play a pivotal role in Jackson’s character and future.


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Friends of Pathways supports a vibrant community by promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole. For more information on Friends of Pathways, visits 



PRINTABLE RELEASE: FOP Mission Press Release

What’s Your Path? Share your stories about Pathways & Trails and All the Goods about living and getting around  healthy and sustainable way @friendsofpathways #JHTRAILS


4-15 Trail Conditions

With a week of sunny spring weather on the way I wanted to get out the first trail report for the season.  I will include a map each time with dry open trails in green, partially dry but still with patchy snow and mud in yellow, and closed trails in red (may be closed for wildlife or still snowy.  The Game Creek trail is dry for the first mile or two and make a nice outting, remember to keep your dogs on a leash through May 1.  In Cache Creek the road and Hagen trail are still snow packed but fairly passable in the mornings while still frozen.  The Sidewalk trail is dry up until Bridge 2 and then has some snow and mud and the Putt Putt and Woods Canyon trails are 95% dry from the Nelson Dr. trailhead to the Cache Creek trailhead.  Get out and explore in the nice weather but remember to look down and if you’re leaving foot prints, hoof prints, or tire tracks you are doing damage to the trail and may want to turn around.

Do you know a 15-18 year old who wants to spend the summer outside, working in the Bridger-Teton National Forest? 

FOP is looking for motivated teens to be a part of our Youth Trail Crew program. Crew members will work on a variety of projects on the Bridger-Teton National Forest for nine weeks starting June 13th. This is a four day a week position (32 hours); crew members will earn $11/hr. and receive a stipend for work boots. As a crew member you will help complete a variety of manual tasks including restoration and maintenance of trails, new trail lay-out and construction, and the closure and rehab of old trails. Crew members will interact weekly with resource managers from the Bridger-Teton, and will also learn about many aspects of forest and natural resource management (wildlife, recreation, forestry, fire management). The job requires teamwork, personal motivation, enthusiasm for new challenges and an excitement to work outdoors! Applicants must complete a written application and submit to by May 6, 2016 and attend a personal interview.


  • Be at least 14 and not more than 18 years of age by the job start date.
  • Successfully complete the application and interview process.
  • Be eager to work closely with the USFS Trail Crew on physically demanding projects on our public lands.
  • Be able to commit to the full work schedule.  Youth Trail Crew will work from June 13-August 11 on Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork skills.
  • No previous work experience is necessary but a positive attitude is essential.


Youth Trail Crew members are expected to arrive on time for work prepared for the day.  The normal work schedule will be Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.  There are two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break during the day.  The first day of work is an orientation and safety training day.  Members are also encouraged to come out for National Trails Day on June 4th to get a preview of the Josie’s Ridge Project that we will be working on for the beginning of the season.

You must have a reliable way of getting to work each day.  We will meet at the Jackson Ranger District located at 340 N. Cache St. in the Hoback Shop at 8:00am each morning.  From there we will provide transportation to the work site each day and back by 4:30 each afternoon.


  1. Apply by 5pm on May 6, 2016.
  2. If all application materials are received within the deadline you will be invited to a personal interview. Interviews will take place May 9-13, 2016.  Email notification of interview appointments will be sent the week prior.
  3. Candidates will be notified by May 20th.

When completing your application, don’t forget to complete all pages of the application and submit to by May 6, 2016.

2016 Youth Trail Crew Job Description

2016 Friends of Pathways Youth Trail Crew Application

2016 Letter of Reference


With unpredictable avalanche danger this year, our Teton Pass Ambassador asks all of us to spread the word about avoiding highlighted areas on Teton Pass.

Over the holidays, two user-related incidents resulted in dangerous conditions. On December 23rd, an avalanche buried two snow mobilers and on Christmas Eve, an avalanche was triggered on Twin Slides that trapped three cars and blocked a lane of traffic. Linda Merigliano, Bridger-Teton Recreation, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager, reminded users that “more incidents like this could result in a much worst outcome for motorists or create pressure to close the Twin Slides run to skiing and boarding, similar to the Mt. Rogers area in Canada… this incident is a graphic reminder that access to skiing on Mt. Glory is dependent on skiers/boarders exercising responsibility and consideration for other people.”Teton Gravity Research

Additionally, the Pass Ambassador asks that backcountry users remember five keys for backcountry safety this year:

  • Carpool and park tight
  • Take care of your pets
  • Work with the Enforcement Agencies
  • Ride with respect and humility

    Spread the word Pistono said. “The core local group, whether we feel like we’re role models or not, in terms of how we use things up here, we kind of are. So much of your actions send out the message.” Pistono urges the frequent users to speak up when they see someone not obeying etiquette or entering into unsafe practices. “Find your voice,” he said. “It might be awkward at times to talk to people, but especially if it’s a safety-related issue, communicate to those who don’t know better.” Jackson Hole News and Guide

Winter Grooming Schedule
Yesterday, Parks and Recreation began their winter grooming program. This year, grooming with occur between December 15, 2015 and March 12, 2016. Grooming is done as snow and weather condition permit.

This year’s grooming schedule:
Tuesday: Cache Creek, May Park, High School Fields, Game Creek
Wednesday: Emily’s Pond, Stilson/Wilson Centennial Path, South Park Loop
Thursday: Cache Creek, May Park, High School Fields, Game Creek
Friday: Emily’s Pond, Stilson/Wilson Centennial Path, South Park Loop
Saturday: Cache Creek, May Park, High School Fields, Stilson/Wilson Centennial Path

Parks and Recreation Grooming Report 
Single Track Grooming in Cache Creek Grooming Facebook Page

In addition, Friends of Pathways will be working to improve conditions on the single track trails in Cache Creek. Staff and volunteers will use human powered grooming with a drag behind groomer. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Chris Owen. Thank you to Teton Mountain Bike Tours and Headwall Sports for their generous donation to Friends of Pathways to support single track grooming in Cache Creek. They invite YOU to match their donation and keep the trails open for people on foot and on bike.

Leash zones, trail bans and limits on number of dogs per person are under consideration.

By: Mike Koshmrl

Five types of dog regulation are being considered for high-traffic portions of the Bridger-Teton. National Forest.  A week ahead of a public workshop about the doggy rules, Bridger-Teton managers released a list of options being considered for the Cache Creek area and on Teton Pass.

One option would be to establish a leash zone in “critical areas at critical times” while another would prohibit dogs altogether on “certain trails” during the winter.

A third possibility is that dog owners would need a permit to have a dog off-leash in “certain areas” of the national forest.

Another alternative is to allow dogs only on certain days of the week, and the last option is to limit the number of dogs allowed per person.

An option that is not being considered is changing nothing, Bridger-Teton spokeswoman Angelica Cacho said.

“We tried the education portion, and it didn’t seem to be working, ” Cacho said. “So we’re definitely going to go the next step and establish some type of regulation.”

The five options in concept have been finalized, Cacho said, but the details of the plans are still being sorted out and were not available Tuesday.

By October 14, the day of a Bridger-Teton meeting at Teton County Public Library, the options should be more fleshed out. The workshop is set for 5:30 – 7:30p.m.

The workshop’s goal is to explore “nrew ways to improve dog owner responsibility on behalf of safety for people and dogs, clean water and wildlife,” a Bridger-Teton notice said.

“We want to be a dog-friendly community that cares about wildlife, a healthy environment and access to nature,” Jackson District Ranger Dale Deiter said in a statement. “But with more of us around, the need for dog owners to be responsible for their dog(s) is growing every year.

“Current problems in the interface areas of the national forest near town include dog waste, aggressive dog behavior towards other dogs or people, dogs harassing wildlife and dogs getting injured or killed,” Deiter said.

“These problems will not improve on their own; we must work together to improve dog owner responsibility before problems get worse.”

For a week in March dogs were prohibited from the Cache Creek drainage as a “time-out” to bad-behaving dogs and their owners.

The seasonal focus of the regulations being considered is the winter. That’s the time when “the need to protect wintering wildlife is most critical,” the Bridger-Teton notice said.

Whatever option is settled on could take effect by this winter, but certainly by next year, Cacho said.

The Bridger-Teton will be accepting public comment on the five potential dog regulations through Oct 30. Instructions on how to comment will be included in cards that will be distributed at the workshop, and also posted online.

Bridger-Teton National Forest to host public workshop to address dog responsibility issues

(Jackson, Wyo.) – The Jackson Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest is hosting a public workshop on Wednesday, October 14, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Teton County Library to discuss options to improve dog owner responsibility within the Jackson area of the National Forest.

This workshop is part of the Forest Service continuing effort to address the concerns that were brought up by the public with regard to dog waste and dog control, particularly within heavily used areas near town such as Cache Creek and Teton Pass.

The Forest recognizes the special bond people have with their pets and the value of opportunities for people to recreate in the outdoors with their companion. The Forest also recognizes that there are limited areas where dogs are permitted, especially off-leash, and the National Forest offers many of the available opportunities. At the same time, the increase in the number of people recreating with dogs means that owners have a much higher responsibility to control their dog(s) and pick up waste. Educational efforts alone are no longer sufficient to meet the Forest’s obligation to ensure public health and safety, wildlife protection, and clean water. Thus, the Forest is asking for the public’s help to come together and focus on various options to improve dog owner responsibility into the future.

More information about the options to be discussed will be announced in October. There is no RSVP required, but due to the location of the workshop, space might be limited and the forest service. encourage those interested to arrive promptly.

For more information, contact the Supervisors Office at (307) 739-5565 or visit the

As we step into Fall it has been a busy time on trails.  We had 2 volunteer groups working this week on the trails in Cache Creek.  The Roads Scholars from TSS helped brush cut and install drainage on neighborhood access trails near Henley Dr. and the Community School helped haul gravel to a turnpike by Bridge 4 on the Hagen Trail.  The BTNF crew has installed 32 rock waterbars this week on the Continental Divide Trail, that is maybe one of the most grueling tasks on trails so a big round of applause to them.  The FOP Ambassadors are out looking for trees that blew down in the micro burst on Friday, let us know if you see any out on the trails by calling 307-733-4534 or posting a photo with the #jhtrails.  You should see them out at different trailheads with the FOP tent, come stop by and say hi.  One lady last week was so happy with her new bike bell that she rode home and brought them back coffee!  Friends of Pathways has also been busy prepping the new Skyline Trail for the Kick Off Dig Day coming up on September 19th.  If you would like to help come out to Snow King at 9am that Saturday for a ride up the Summit Chairlift to help us dig the 1st mile of trail!