This year, Jay Pistono, Friends of Pathways Pass Ambassador, was voted to have the ‘coolest and most important jobs in the valley’ by The Planet.  Here’s what they’re saying:

Pistono’s job began on a volunteer basis as he tried to help clean up after dogs and control the calamitous parking situation atop Teton Pass. These two issues became so problematic that “access was hanging in the balance,” according to Pistono, and WYDOT was ready to ban Teton Pass skiing access altogether.

When Friends of Pathways and the U.S. Forest Service got wind of what Pistono was doing to help minimize chaos on the pass, they decided to create a job for him, hoping he could help ensure continued access to the area.

Most people don’t realize that without Pistono, skiing on Teton Pass would likely be restricted and this winter playground would be the forbidden fruit dangling in our faces. Of course, Pistono is incredibly humble and insists it’s all about the pass, and he doesn’t want credit for the great job he’s doing. The Ambassador’s approach has always been one of compassion and teaching:

“I like to talk to people in the spirit of learning, not judgment,” he said. “They’re much more likely to listen.”